1.6 Radio menu for CS:GO V. 1.0

Wenn ihr das alte CS 1.6 Radiomenü gerne auch in CS: GO erhaltet möchtet, könnt ihr die Datei herunterladen und installieren. Anschließend steht euch das alte Design wieder zur Verfügung. Weitere Details stehen im Changelog.


Hello guys.

Uugh…have you played Counter Strike 1.6 or Source with bots?
Yeah, do you remember the radio?
Like…the radio commands with you can control the bots from your team.

Yeah, but what about CS:GO?
Have you checked the radio?
It’s trash.
It doesn’t even have all the commands!
And it’s not arranged like 1.6 or Source!
And it needs fix.

rearranged and corrected the commands to look like these from 1.6 and Source except the commands „Get in position“ and „Storm the front“.

Is VAC making problem?

This is just radio commands, I don’t think Valve gonna make any problems about it.
And I have played many competitive games with it and used it in games and no problem.

Have fun with it!

Download “1.6 Radio menu for CS:GO V. 1.0” 1.6 Radio menu for CSGO V. 1.0.zip – 34-mal heruntergeladen – 2 kB

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