Supreme Commander 2 MapPack V. 0.04

Extra modified maps. This version focus on adding more 4v4 maps. IMPORTANT Infinite War Battle Pack DLC is necessary for mod to work! Non-Destructive mod. No need to backup original files. Non-Intrusive mod. No need to uninstall to play Vanilla Game. How to Install / Uninstall To install locate the …


UnitPort V. Beta

This is a REUP of the last version of unitport Seeing a lot of people are asking for the unitport addon to be updated to support the new mod manager, and albinosnowball is AFK i have spent the time to update it. This addon is for the legacy version of …


Revamp Balance Mod V. 1.1b2

Please read below for install info and full change log. ★★★Version 1.1b2★★★ 18/04/13 • Reduced the AI’s difficulty • Nuke outer radius lowered by 10 • Other fixes that I can’t remember :p Included Mod Support Minimod v7 REPACKED TO SUPPORT Compelx’s SC2 Mod Manager

Revamp Expansion Mod V. 1.1

Please read below for install info and full change log. 1.1 is the last version before we started fresh on 2.0 this version has been released for mainly one reason to support version 1.26 of SC2. ★★★ RVE Version 1.1 ★★★ 16/06/13 PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS/BUG FIXES • Illuminate Ported Defence units …


SC2 Mod Manager V. 07.10.17 RC2

This is a release candidate for the SC2MM – it is a potentially unstable minor release but aims to fix a few pain points. See the description for more information. Changes: UPDATE 07-10: Fixed overflow CSS to allow for extended LUA editor length No more HTTP requests for update checks (this …


Revamp Expansion Mod V. 2.0 Beta 1.1P2

Please read below for install info and full change log. CHANGE LOG BETA RELEASES _________________________________________________________________ Version 2.0 B1.1 Preview 2 Released 06/12/17 FACTION CHANGES/FIXES _________________________________________________________________ NON FACTION SPECIFIC CHANGES/FIXES • Engineer, Factory and Mass Tier Upgrades have been removed. • Convert Research ability has been added to Research Stations._________________________________________________________________ RESEARCH …