Alliance at War V. II June 2016

Nachdem das letzte Update für die Alliance at War Modifikation relativ gehetzt veröffentlicht wurde, hat sich der Modder nun ein wenig mehr Zeit genommen und sich bei der aktuellen Version auf die Bodeneinheiten konzentriert. Die meisten Änderungen haben in diesem Bereich die Rebellen sowie das Konsortium erhalten, indem einige Einheiten verstärkt oder abgeschwächt wurden. Dementsprechend sollten die Bodenkämpfe nun deutlich balancierter ablaufen.

Außerdem kann man nun als Imperialer in einem Hutten-Palast einen neuen Helden anwerben. Alle Details über das Update gibt es im Changelog!


Hello, Rebels, Imperials, and Underworld alike. If you recall, the last update was kind of rushed. I did not get to finish what I had planned this time around, but sense then I have finished a bit more. So, I am releasing the rest of what I had planned, specifically this time around. I can guess at what some of you all might say, „but, Larry-3, we have already started our Galactic Conquest scenario’s!“ I know; I suppose I owe you all an apologie. The reason I rushed it is because I believed I would not get a chance to upload it until way later. I wanted to make certain that you all at least have a partial update rather then nothing. Fans of my mod are kind of important to me. Because everyone who loves my mod will now have to restart their Galactic Conquest scenario’s, I though I would add in a new hero. If you are playing for the Empire, construct a Hutt Palace to purchase the new hero. I hope that makes up for me uploading an incomplete update.

This update will focus most on land warfare. I did change a few things for space combat, but this update mainly nerfs and buffs a few things — production-wise anyway. The Rebel Alliance and Zann Consortium received the most changes in this update. For example, in lore, the Rebel Alliance was on a strict budget. They could not out-produce the Empire. Yet, in the game you could click to produce a T4-B Tank three times and end up nine tanks; for the Empire, you could click to produce the AT-AT one time and only end up with one walker. So, some companies have been changed. When producing units, remember to read the info box. If it will give you more then one — e.i. a company — then it will state it.

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