Alliance at War V. July 2016

Das neuste Update für die Star Wars: Empire at War Mod integriert neue Einheiten und fixt beziehungsweise balanciert einige Sachen. Weitere Details stehen im Changelog:

Greetings… everyone. Just a minor update here, nothing special, move along, move along… Ha, just kidding. This update hopefully will reduce the amount of ships the A.I. brings to low level space station. Honestly, I probably should not have given them that much freewill; also I am including a few new units. Two of them require an Officer Academy to use; the AAT-1 also received a mini-buff. That is pretty much all I am revealing. Ha, when do I ever reveal everything? Figure the rest out for yourself, ha.

On a non-related note. Did you know that the voice actor for Thrawn in this game, voiced some characters in Star Wars: The Clone War; and the voice actor for the Starviper voiced some guy named Lt. Vasquez in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Makes sense I suppose, didn’t Forces of Corruption release about a year before The Clone Wars began? I think Call of Duty 4: MF released around that time. Anyway, I am going way off topic.

Remember, everyone, I need feedback for you all. There are some things I miss out one that you all have pointed out to me. So all feedback is valuable to me.

Also, I believe this is the mod path for Steam.

„this pc->programfiles(x86)->steam->steam apps->common->star wars empire at war->corruption->mods. but you have to make your own mods folder in the corruption folder. to launch the mod, go to steam, right click on game,go to properties, got to launch options, and type this in:swfoc MODPATH=modsmod where the second mod is the name of the file of the mod you want to play.“

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Alliance at War