C&C Generals Evolution V. 0.21 Beta

Nachzutragen ist noch die neue Version der C&C Generals Evolution für Alarmstufe Rot 3, die bereits am 13.03.2021 erschienen war. Das Update enthält einige Fixes sowie Balancinganpassungen, die im Changelog nachvollzogen werden können.


GenEvo 0.21 ( Party Patch ) changelog:


– Added Korean translation for launcher by ZeroLaunch.


– Reverted economy to 0.1 version ( 30000$ per dock, 600 carrying capacity for trucks ).
– Fixed exploit related to gaining infinite money from selling Command Center ( all factions ) mid construction.
– Fixed inconsistent flash bang behaviour.
– Removed garrison clearing ability from all fire fields and toxin/radiation fields.
– Garrison clearing weapons now clear occupants instantly, instead of one by one ( just like on original game ).
– Fixed bunker making engineers unselectable after exiting it, removed ability to repair bunkers using repair tool.
– Reduced Missile Defender laser guided mode attack range from 300 * 1.5 to 220 * 1.5.
– Fixed Faction and Civilian structures getting instantly destroyed on being affected by Microwave Tank.
– Changed Overlord/Emperor locomotor speed from 25 to 20.
– Fixed Comanche helicopters being able to attack aircraft units.
– Fixed Toxin/Radiation fields clearing out issue, where dropping anthrax bomb onto bunch of smaller fields would prevent anthrax field from spawning.
– Internet Center now requires Propaganda Center.
– Added Control Rods upgrade.
– Microwave Tank will now clear Garrisons.
– Default camera height changed from 450 to 525, don’t complain about black void on top of the screen.


– Fixed Skrm 3 ( Bad Evening ) civilian structure indestructibility.


– Separated Language String Text ( mod.str ) file from Misc.big into its own .big file for future localization purposes.
– Mod version now also displayed in Options->General, besides the launcher/game spalsh screens.

Download “C&C: Generals Evolution V. 0.3 Beta” C&C Generals Evolution V. 0.3 Beta.zip – 210-mal heruntergeladen – 1.019 MB

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