C&C: Generals Evolution V. 0.3 Beta

Von der C&C: Generals Evolution Modifikation, die für C&C: Red Alert 3 umgesetzt wurde, gab es nach langer Zeit ein riesiges Update, welches unter anderem alle Generäle in Unterfraktionen mit eigenen Werten, Einheiten und Fähigkeiten unterteilt, vier neue Maps hinzufügt sowie Weitere überarbeitet und viele Balancinganpassungen vornimmt. Weiterhin wurde auch an der Musik gearbeitet, so dass spezielle Kampfmusik beim Einsatz von Superwaffen eingeblendet wird oder bestimmte Stücke nur im Singleplayer gespielt werden, damit im Multiplayer keine Spoiler entstehen. Auch der Launcher erhielt Veränderungen, damit Antiviren-Tools keine Fehlalarme auslösen, ein Modstart im Fenstermodus möglich ist sowie umfangreiche HTML-Dokumentationen abgerufen werden können. Die umfangreichen Änderungen können im Changelog nachgelesen werden.


The goal of Generals Evolution is to reimagine C&C Generals on Red Alert 3 engine, in other words it’s a total conversion of Red Alert 3, which features better online play, better graphics fidelity and stability. Generals Evolution also bring new units, overhauled visuals, new maps, new sounds and game feel. Please note that it’s not 1:1 port of C&C Generals and it’s not meant to replace original game, but rather imitate it as close as it is possible.

– Make sure to launch Red Alert 3 at least once before playing the mod.

– Please note that there is no campaign currently in the mod, only skirmish and online play, loading campaign will crash the game.

– Please note that your antivirus can block/remove GenEvoLauncher.exe, add an exception, this is a false positive.

– Please completely uninstall old version of the mod, do not install 0.3 over 0.1/0.2/0.21, do complete clean install of the mod.

– If this is your first time installing this mod and you don’t own Red Alert 3 then please make sure that you’re buying Red Alert 3 and not Red Alert 3 Uprising. Red Alert 3 Uprising doesn’t support modding, buy Red Alert 3 instead.

It is very crucial that you patch your Red Alert 3 .game file to enable Large Address Aware flag, otherwise you will encounter random crashes and glitches, please use this handy tool to patch Red Alert 3 Game Data file: Click Here!

  1. Make sure to launch Red Alert 3 at least once on your system, tweak graphical and resolution settings to your liking.
  2. Unzip contents of the archive ( avoid unzipping into folders with Cyrillic letters or symbols ) and run GenEvo_Setup.exe
  3. Follow instructions and let setup program do its thing, after it is done you should have GenEvo Launcher shortcut on your Desktop.
  4. Enjoy!

By default mod is installed into /Documents/Red Alert 3/Mods/GenEvo/

Perks of using Launcher, which was made by Darth Jane :

  1. Native C&C Online integration, you only need your login details from C&C Online service ( Register Here! )
  2. Fixed crashes when firing from containers ( for example commanding infantry inside Humvee to forcefire at anything ( hold CTRL and attack ).
  3. Easy to install and work with.

CHANGELOG FROM 0.21 to 0.3


● Renamed launcher internally and externally in an attempt to avoid false positive detection from antivirus software.

● Added Windowed mode launch button, button to open Red Alert 3 Profiles folder and Red Alert 3 Mods folder.

● Brand new interactive HTML documentation.


● Separated all generals into proper subfactions with their unique stats, units and abilities.

● Separated every single faction unit and structure in the game for all generals with unique stats and abilities.

● Countless balance changes to everything in the mod to bring it a bit closer to original game balance.

● All factions can now build up to 3 superweapons each.

● Added faction emblems to Command Centers.

● Removed build limit from secondary economy structures ( Drop Zone, Internet Center, Black Market ).

● Complete SkirmishAI overhaul, AI is now using proper units, unique attacks and tactics depending on subfaction.

● SkirmishAI can now research upgrades.

● More Multiplayer colors.

● Increased Command Center build radius.

● Increased Engineer capture time for all factions when capturing enemy structures.

● Power Meter now rendering properly.

● ECM Tank can now deflect incoming enemy missiles.

● Completely reworked Point Defense Lasers.

● Added ability for napalm projectiles ( Inferno Cannon shells/MiG Napalm Missiles ) to trigger firestorms.

● Added Mammoth Tank for USA.

● Added Particle Tank for Laser General.

● Added Laser Ranger for Laser General.

● Added Laser Sentry Drone for Laser General.

● Updated Laser Humvee visuals.

● Updated Laser Comanche visuals.

● Laser Humvee, Laser Crusader, Laser Paladin, Laser Comanche require power and will turn off.

● Added Alpha Aurora for Superweapon General.

● Added Hypersonic Aurora for Airforce General.

● Added King Raptor for Airforce General.

● Added Chinook for all USA Generals and Combat Chinook variation for Airforce General.

● Added Stealth Comanche.

● Updated visuals of Comanche/Helix helicopter blades.

● Updated USA Supply Truck model and animations.

● Added Medic ( heals infantry ).

● Added Mechanic ( repairs vehicles ).

● Added Guardian Tank for Superweapon General.

● Added Amphibious Transport ( Campaign/Spec-Ops only ).

● Added Battle Master Mark II for Tank General.

● Added Nuclear Battlemaster for Nuke General.

● Added TaskMaster for Infantry General.

● Added Minigunners for Infantry General.

● Added Fortified Bunker for Infantry General.

● Updated animations for Red Guard.

● Added Speaker Tower for Assault Troop Crawler.

● Added Iron Dragon for China.

● Added Nuke MiG for Nuke General.

● Added Flak Tank for Demolition General.

● Added Manticore APC for Stealth General.

● Added Toxin Tunnel Network for Toxin General.

● All jets now have „Return to Airfield“ ability.

● All Airfields now have „Recall all Aircraft“ ability.

● Reorganized GLA salvage upgrades ( 1 rank ( veteran ) -> first salvage, 2nd rank ( elite ) -> second salvage, 3rd rank ( heroic ) -> heroic second ).

● Updated all unit damaged visuals.

● Destruction models ( debris ) will now show appropriate HouseColor ( faction color ).

● Hopefully fixed SCUD Storm game freeze/crash issue.

● Fixed friendly structures being enterable/captured by allies.

● All General Special Powers should spawn relative to Command Center.

● Flashbangs will no longer target faction structures.

● EMP missiles should now deal proper damage to aircraft.

● Updated and fixed Anti-Air sight ranges of all Anti-Air units.

● Added toxin death variations for all infantry.

● Fixed GLA Palace health.

● Removed Particle Cannon damage resistance from Internet Center.

● Fixed Microwave Tank and ECM Tank visual auras not being offline when affected by EMP.

● Added Advanced Control Rods upgrade for Superweapon General.

● Added Camouflage Upgrade for GLA.

● Added Worker Shoes Upgrade for GLA, finally.

● Added Anthrax Gamma Upgrade for GLA Toxin General.

● Added Suicide Explosion ability for all GLA Demolition General units.

● Added Camo Netting Upgrade for GLA Stealth General.

● Added Stealth Comanche Upgrade for Airforce General.

● Added Drone Armor Upgrade for USA.

● Added Tactical Nuke MiG Upgrade for Nuke General.

● Added Isotope Stability for Nuke General.

● Added Autoloaders Upgrade for Tank General.

● Updated Particle Beam effects for USA

● Unique Particle Beam effects for Superweapon General

● Unique Particle Beam effects for Laser General

● Updated Nuclear Missile explosion FX.

● Fixed Nuclear Missile smoke trail.

● Added damage transition FX to all units.

● Updated Damaged unit state visuals.

● Added flaming trail to destroyed aircraft.

● Tweaked small vehicle explosion FX.

● Updated SCUD Launcher and Storm missiles explosion FX.

● Tweaked small nuclear explosion FX.

● Updated PDL effects.

● Updated Inferno Cannon shell trails and FX.

● Updated Fuel Air explosion.

● Updated Firestorm effects.

● Updated Toxin Tractor effects.

● Updated Dragon Tank effects.

● Added pink signal smoke to Drop Zone.

● Updated several FX textures to fix compression artifacts.

● Updated Nuclear Missile explosion sound.

● Updated Vehicle explosion echo sounds.

● Added explosion echo to MOAB and Fuel Air Bombs.

● Updated mixing on majority of sound effects.

● Reduced frequency for Taunt/Fear voice lines.


● Updated music playlist for all Skirmish maps.

● Properly separated music between singleplayer and multiplayer to prevent spoilers for multiplayer

● Added special combat music triggered by first usage of each side superweapon.

● Fixed black border at the top of the screen.

● Added bunch of new terrain textures.

● Added map Lone Eagle.

● Added map Hostile Dawn.

● Added map Sand Serpent.

● Added map Forgotten Forest.

● Twilight Flame updated to new version with increased scale, new lighting and balance.

● Fallen Empire – updated lighting and polished wall props.

● Autumn Garden – updated water blend in center lakes.

● Naval Yard – rebalanced north player position.

● Defcon 6 – reworked cliffs.


● Updated load screen pictures and added some new.

● Added preview artworks into Spec-Ops menu. Placeholders for future campaign missions.

● Added ShellMap as a Spec-Ops placeholder map to prevent crash to Desktop

New Maps!

Here’s brand new 0.3 additions ● remake of Lone Eagle, Hostile Dawn, Sand Serpent and Forgotten Forest!

Tech Trees!

Since we’ve completely reworked how faction selection works and added 9 new generals, here’s some handy guides to help you make right special power choices and let you get acquainted with new additions!

Download “C&C: Generals Evolution V. 0.3 Beta” C&C Generals Evolution V. 0.3 Beta.zip – 261-mal heruntergeladen – 1.019 MB

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