C&C: Remastered – Artwork gesichtet!

Auf Reddit wurde von EA Producer Jim Vessella ein erstes Artwork zum neuen Command & Conquer Remastered veröffentlicht. Dieses zeigt den bekannten Bauhof aus dem ersten Teil des Spiels. Zudem wurde das nachfolgende Statement zum aktuellen Stand hinterhergeschoben:

„Fellow Command & Conquer fans,

We are approaching the conclusion of our pre-production phase, having achieved several of our key milestones since our last Reddit post. During March we delivered our first playable campaign mission (GDI Mission 1), which included multiple samples of the remastered art running at 4k. This was accompanied by a more complete Visual Target image, which helps the dev team align around our goals for the artistic fidelity. We are now in the middle of getting Multiplayer up and running for the first time, along with dozens of art assets iterating towards their finalized look. Last week we showed many of these items to the Community Council, and continue to receive fantastic feedback via their contributions.“

Die Vorproduktionsphase nähert sich also den Abschluss und das Team widmet sich nun den Multiplayer-Teil!

Command & Conquer: Remastered

(Quelle: http://www.cncsaga.de/)