CELO V. Beta

Vor einigen Tagen wurde für Company of Heroes 2 ein interessantes Tool vom Modder „SturmTigerNeffarion“ veröffentlicht, welches vor allem in Multiplayer-Partien durchaus hilfreich sein kann. So ist es mit dem Programm möglich alle Spieler-Informationen während des Spielstarts zu erhalten, um sich einen besseren Überblick über die eigenen sowie gegnerischen Spieler verschaffen zu können. Aufgezeigt werden die Steam ID / Nickname, der Ranking-Platz sowie die Fraktion. Des Weiteren könnt ihr eure erstellten Replays auch direkt auf der Webseite von COH2.org veröffentlichen. Alle weiteren, wichtigen Informationen zum Tool könnt ihr aus dem Changelog entnehmen!

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What is CELO?

CELO (Company of ELO) is an application that allows you to view all players information when a Company of Heroes 2 match is about to start and manage most of the aspects of the game like replays and matches. 

How does it work?

It works in a very simple way, you open up COH2, then Open up CELO, you enable the „Game Watcher“ feature and once you find a game in Auto-match or Custom game the program will retrieve all players information.

What kind of information?

  • Steam ID;
  • Steam Nickname;
  • Ranking (Ladder);
  • Faction;

Why would i want this?

To simply have a better knowledge of who you are up against in Auto-Matches and even in custom games, and if you go up in a 2v2/3v3 random you can check your allies ranking.
You can also upload your replays directly from CELO to COH2.ORGchange replay versions and you can have a Match-History Viewer

Looks cool! Anything else i should know?

Yes, this program is specifically made for Multi-Monitor PC Setups, this way you can play in a Monitor and in the other monitor view the information given by CELO.
However if you don’t have multi-monitor setup you can use the overlay provided (enable in settings).
It also works perfectly with Western Fronts DLC. 

I’m still not sure how to use it!

Don’t worry CELO has a guide in itself.


Version Beta:
– Fixed a font detection bug

Version Beta:
– Changed .NET Framework to 4.0
– Fixed an issue that game watcher didn’t start once a game finishes
– Changed some other compiler settings

Version Beta:
+ Added more error logging

Version Beta:
– Suggestion Menu Fix

Version Beta:
– Decreased deflection level

Version Beta:
– Fixed a issue with players list not removing previous matches

Version Beta:
– Reverted installer, was giving issues

Version Beta:
– Fixed replay version switch displayed wrongly

Version 0.2.6 Beta:
+ Renamed Replay Uploader to Replay Manager
+ Added Replay Version Changer to Replay Manager – You can now change the version of any replay to any version you like
+ New installer
+ Faster Game Watcher
– Bug fixes

Version 0.2.5 Beta:
+ Added Bug Report and Suggestions (Top menu)
+ Added to Replay Uploader „today“, „yesterday“ and „other days“ grouping, making it easier to navigate.
+ Added Window always on top option in „View“ Top menu
+ Added a reload replays icon in the Replay Uploader
– Fixed a bug with Match History Viewer not retrieving the correct information.

Version 0.2.4 Beta:
+ Remade the whole Match History Viewer file structure
+ Match History Viewer Faster and now has „today“, „yesterday“ and other days grouping. Making the matches easier to navigate
+ Optimizations on the Game Watcher, should get a bit faster
– The installer now verifies for new updates too

Version Beta:
– Removed Steam Portable API
+ Remade the Steam Information Parse

Version 0.2.3 Beta:
+ Optimized Overlay Performance
– Fixed bug with settings not showing correctly
– Grammar typos fixes
– Fixed Match History parsing

Version 0.2.2 Beta:
– Fixed a bug with form sizes – (thanks Puppetmaster for noticing)
+ Added the WFA Maps
– Re-ordered settings

Version 0.2.1 Beta:
– Fixed a bug with the Paths in settings (WFA changes)
+ Added the Hot-Key to the Overlay (go to Settings more for info)

Version 0.2 Beta:
+ Added CELO Updater
+ Added Replay Uploader – You can now upload the replay directly into COH2.org
+ Added Overlay (windowed or borderless windowed modes only, must be enabled in settings)
+ Added Match History Viewer
+ Added a Top Menu for easier navigation
+ Added Hide/Show Right Column Option
+ Updated some images
+ Increased the Font-Size on Players information
– Fixed several bugs
+ Reflection protection added.

Version 0.1 Beta:
+ Initial release.

(Quelle: http://www.coh2.org/)