Für Company of Heroes 2 bietet sich das Tool CELO (Company of ELO) an, um mehr Informationen von seinen Mitspielern in Multiplayer-Gefechten zu erhalten. Neben den Ladder Rank, Level und gespielte Stunden werden auch die Klicks pro Minute aufgezeichnet.

Des Weiteren verfügt das Tool über einen ausgezeichneten Replay- und Livestream-Manager. Auch interessant ist die Match History, womit alle gespielten Partien aufgezeichnet werden und dementsprechend alle Spieler-Informationen sowie Replays immer zur Verfügung stehen.


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Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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What is CELO?

Company of ELO Enhanced (CELO) is a multi-purpose tool for the Company of Heroes franchise (CoH1 & CoH2) so that you can have more control of your game and be more organized.
CELO has been made from scratch since the last release (beta) and is now much more improved and stable.


Supports Company of Heroes 2 & Company of Heroes 1
Game Watcher – Detects matches and provides you with a whole lot of information about you and the players involved in it:

  • Displays the Ladder Rank, Level, Hours Played and the SteamID & Nickname of all the players;
  • CPM Counter (Clicks per Minute);
  • Players Factions;
  • Battle-Servers Ping.

Replay Manager – Manage all your game replays and also do some nasty stuff with them:

  • Replay ordering, deleting and renaming, filtering, all from a User-Interface;
  • Replay Version changing;
  • Replay uploading directly to COH2.ORG (CoH2 only).

Match History Viewer – A complete list is created and maintained so you can have all your previous games and replays saved:

  • Saves each match with all players information;
  • Saves all matches replays incase you need them later or forget to save them;
  • Match ordering and filtering by players or maps.

Livestream Displayer – A handy tool for live-streamers which want their viewers to be inside all the game’s action:

  • Creates files to include in Open Broadcaster (or similar software) so that the stream will display the players information formatted as the user wants as soon a match starts.

Hot-Key Creator – Lets you create AutoHotkey scripts with ease for Company of Heroes 2

Can i get Steam VAC Banned for using this?

Nope, not possible
If you have troubles opening the application install .NET Framework 4

– Fixed a bug that made post-rank not appear;
– Fixed a bug with the visual style if user had windows theme applied;
– Fixed a bug related to factions appearing incorrectly;
– Added a update timer interval while application is open;

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(Quelle: http://www.coh2.org/)