CheatCommands Mod LE V. 1.19

Die erste richtige Mod für Company of Heroes 2 ist die CheatCommands Mod LE. Diese liegt nun bereits in der Version 1.19 vor und ermöglicht es im Singleplayer-Modus so einige Cheats zu aktivieren. Die genaue Installation sowie die Tastenkürzel für die Cheats findet ihr im unteren Changelog/Installationsanleitung.

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CheatCommands Mod, version 1.19
NOTE: This version of the CheatCommands Mod will most likely be only available and updated for as long as -dev command like parameter support is enabled again.
NOTE! DO not use grid keys. Use classic keys instead to use this mod. Using grid keys disables all hotkeys assigned to abilities, which are calling CheatCommands mod functions.
Thanks to Corsix’s hack to allow loading unsigned SGAs, it is possible to run SGA based mods.

CheatCommands Mod LE is pretty much the same as it’s precursor but with fewer features. While Scar_DebugConsoleExecute is disabled without -dev mode, using abilities with custom hotkeys is the only way to achieve hotkey to scar function call binding.

CheatCommands Mod is not a cheat or a hack to gain advantage in multiplayer. It is a debugging tool which can be used for, but not limited to:
– taking clean screenshots (Press Control + F2 to toggle Game UI On/Off, Control + F11 to toggle Prompt On/Off)
– testing and learning units and game mechanics
– reproducing events for debugging (for example reproducing an event causing a bug/glitch)
– single player cheating


#1: How to get a nice and clean high-resolution screenshot:
1. Disable Game UI by pressing Control + F2
2. Disable CheatCommands mod prompt by pressing Control + F11
3. Open console by pressing Control + Shift + Tidle (Control + Shift + Ö in scandinavian keyboard)

4. Paste in
5. press Enter

New, about 10MB .jpg file is now saved to My Games\company of heroes 2\screenshots
With resolution 1920 x 1080 output image will be 6980 x 3924 pixels.

This mod will not work in multiplayer, as it relates to cursor position and other client side features which will result a sync error.


List of features:


Generic commands:

Shift + F1: This help page
Control + Space: Toggle Selected Army
Control + Shift + Space: Toggle between sub-pages
Control + F1: Toggle Fog of War
Control + F2: Toggle TaskBar
Control + F3: Toggle Add Resources
Control + F4: Toggle Instant Production
Control + F5: Toggle Instant Ability Recharge
Control + F6: Toggle Instant Construction
Control + F7: Toggle Global/Selected AI ON/OFF
Control + F8: Toggle Global/Selected AI Difficulty
Control + F9: Take Control Over Selected Player
Control + F10: Toggle Selected player team
Control + F11: Toggle Prompt ON/OFF
Control + F12: End Game in favor of selected player

Control + [0-9, a-z]: Spawn squads of selected army
Shift + [0-9, a-z]: Spawn entities of selected army
Alt + [0-9, a-z]: Spawn abilities/Apply Criticals/Add Slot Items to squads

Control + Shift + F1: Squad spawning hotkeys
Control + Shift + F2: Entity spawning hotkeys
Control + Shift + F3: Spawn abilities/Apply Criticals/Add Slot Items hotkeys

Control + Alt + 1: Toggle Spawn squad/entity Blueprint list source: Hand-Made/Raw
Control + Alt + 2: Toggle Alt + [0-9,a-z] Mode (Call Commander Abilities/Apply Criticals/Add Slot items)

Alt + F1: Delete all spawned squads
Alt + F2: Delete all spawned entities

Shift + F1: Squad spawning hotkeys
Shift + F2: Entity spawning hotkeys

Control + Shift + 1: Spawn hotkey source: Hand-Made
Control + Shift + 2: Spawn hotkey source: Raw

Control + Numpad Plus: Increase selected squad speed
Control + Numpad Minus: Decrease selected squad speed
Control + Shift + G: Toggle Invulnerability for [Selected squads]/[selected entities]/[entities under mouse] Control + Shift + T: Teleport [Selected squads]/[selected entities] to mouse position
Control + Shift + M: Toggle Mood mode for [Selected squads] Control + Shift + U: Toggle UI Decorator for [Selected squads] Control + Shift + F: Spawn a fire pit to mouse position
Control + Shift + H: Toggle Health monitor ON/OFF
Control + Shift + E: Auto-Align [Selected squads]/[selected entities]/[entities under mouse] Control + Shift + P: Toggle posture for [Selected squads]/[selected entities]/[entities under mouse] Control + Shift + Q: Abandon selected vehicle
Control + Alt + T: Set all territory sectors netural or owned by selected player

Shift + Numpad / or ÷: Spawn random ambient building
Shift + Numpad *: Spawn random natural entity
Shift + Numpad Minus: Spawn random object entity
Control + Numpad Plus: Increase [Selected squads] speed
Control + Numpad Minus: Decrease [Selected squads] speed
Control + Alt + Numpad Plus: Increase [Selected squads] damage (hardpoint_01)
Control + Alt + Numpad Minus: Decrease [Selected squads] damage (hardpoint_01)

Control + Delete: Delete [Selected squads]/[selected entities]/[entities under mouse] Shift + Delete: Kill [Selected squads]/[selected entities]/[entities under mouse] Control + Shift + K: Remove all squads of selected player
Control + Alt + K: Remove all entities of selected player

Control + Backspace: Disable main gun for [Selected squads]/[selected entities]/[entities under mouse] Control + Home: Increase veterancy rank by 1 for [Selected squads] Control + PageUp: Set health to 1% for [Selected squads]/[selected entities]/[entities under mouse] Control + PageDown: Set health to 100% for [Selected squads]/[selected entities]/[entities under mouse] Control + End: Change owner to world for [Selected squads]/[selected entities]/[entities under mouse] Control + Insert: Toggle owner for [Selected squads]/[selected entities]/[entities under mouse] Alt + Left Move Entity under mouse Left
Alt + Right Move Entity under mouse Right
Alt + Up Move Entity under mouse Forward
Alt + Down Move Entity under mouse Back
Alt + Numpad Plus Move Entity under mouse Up
Alt + Numpad Minus Move Entity under mouse Down
Control + Left Rotate Entity under mouse to Left
Control + Right Rotate Entity under mouse to Right


General Knowledge/What to do if:
I get prompted with a fatal scar error:
Hit pause to unpause the game and continue execution. In most of the cases the error will be skipped and you will be able to continue playing.
If you run up into a fatal scar error, please report it by doing the following: Write down what you did exactly to produce the error and post your warnings.log here. Warnings.log can be found in C:\Users\Omistaja\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes 2 . Open it with notepad and copy and paste the contents of the file between code tags in your post.
In case you are a new member and unable to use code tags, you can also email the report to
My UI is messed up:
Either you are somehow using my Beta version of CheatCommands mod or there has been a patch changing UI and I haven’t updated CheatCommands Mod to support it. You should report the latter case.
I have an idea/a concept for the mod:
Let me know. Perhaps I’m able to implement it.
I would like to use this mod as a part of my public mod:
Give me credit and you are good to go.
I lost data/I got my Case Blue progress wiped/etc:
You use CheatCommands mod at your own risk. Although there has been only once CheatCommands Mod actually caused harm which was wiping Case Blue DLC progress due to CheatCommands mod not loading Case Blue data to the game at all, I cannot give promises. There may be loss of data, most likely in form of SP/Coop/TOW progress data.


How to install:
Method #1 (regular shortcut):

1. Extract contents of the downloaded .zip archive to your CoH2 install directory and create a new shortcut to RelicCoH2.exe
One way of making a new shortcut:
-Right click on RelicCoH2.exe and select Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut)
-Default path to CoH2 install folder in Windows 7 is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes 2\
-RelicCoH2.exe is located in this folder.

2. Right click on your newly created shortcut. Select Properties.
3. Add
-mod cheatcommands
after the last quotation mark in Field called „Target“ under „Shortcut“ Tab. Notice the space before last quotation mark and -dev.
„C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes 2\RelicCoH2.exe“ -mod cheatcommands
4. Press Apply and OK
5. Double click the shortcut to launch CoH2.

Method #2 (via steam GUI):

1. Goto your steam games collection, right click CoH2 and select Properties.
2. Under the General tab click the Set launch options… button.
3. Enter „-mod CheatCommands“ without quotation marks and click OK.
4. Close the game’s Properties window and launch CoH2.

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CheatCommands Mod LE