CheatCommands Mod ULE V. 0.1

Nachdem Relic mit dem Update am 10. Dezember wieder die meisten Mods deaktiviert hatte und dementsprechend auch nicht mehr der CheatCommands Mod LE funktionierte, hat der Modder nun eine Ultra Light Edition veröffentlicht. Diese arbeitet mit dem aktuellen Update zusammen und ermöglicht wieder die meisten Features der Mod (z.B. Cheating im Singleplayer, Szenen-Erstellung für Screenshots, das Testen von Einheiten, etc.). Im Changelog stehen alle Kommandos sowie die Installationsanleitung!

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CheatCommands Mod ULE

Current Version: Ultra Light Edition 0.1

For those of who don’t know what this mod is all about, here’s a short intro:
CheatCommands Mod is an utility mod for CoH2. In can be used for, but not limited to:
Singleplayer Cheating, Testing units, Balancing, Debugging maps, Setting up scenes for screenshots/videos and so on. Your imagination is the limit. Even though this is the super ultra light edition. Even lighter than the Light Edition.

Most of you probably know that December 10th update broke CheatCommands Mod. While this update effectively disabled mods, Relic re-introduced -dev mode and thus Scar code can be executed via console. This version of CheatCommands Mod has less features but at least the key features are available at the moment:
(I will be adding more features in the future)

Control + F1: Toggle Fog of War On/Off
Control + F2: Toggle TaskBar Visibility On/Off
Control + F3: "Infinite" Resources
Control + F4: Toggle Instant Production On/off
Control + F5: Toggle Instant Ability Recharge On/Off
Control + F6: Toggle Instant Construction On/Off
Control + F12: Clear screen from prompt messages

Control + Space: Toggle Selected Race for spawning (Soviet/German)
Control + Delete: Delete selected squads / entities (buildings/constructions)
Shift + Delete: Kill selected squads / entities (buildings/constructions)

Control + [0-9, a-z]: Spawn squads of selected army

Control + NumPad0: Game Speed * 0.125
Control + NumPad1: Game Speed * 0.25
Control + NumPad2: Game Speed * 0.5
Control + Numpad3: Game Speed * 0.75
Control + NumPad4: Game Speed * 1 (Default)
Control + NumPad5: Game Speed * 1.25
Control + NumPad6: Game Speed * 1.5
Control + NumPad7: Game Speed * 2
Control + NumPad8: Game Speed * 4
Control + NumPad8: Game Speed * 8

How to install and use?

1. Extract the downloaded archive to your CoH2 installation folder, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes 2

2. Make sure you now have a folder called „ccm“ in your CoH2 installation folder

3. Launch CoH2 with -dev mode

3.1 Goto your steam games collection, right click CoH2 and select Properties.
3.2 Under the General tab click the Set launch options… button.
3.3 Add „-dev“ without quotation marks (Make sure to leave space between additional tags such as „-nomovies“, e.g. „-dev -nomovies“) and click OK.
3.4 Close the game’s Properties window and launch CoH2.

4. Start a match, Open Game console by pressing Control + Shift + ~ (tidle)
In a keyboard which contains Scandinavian letters such as ö, ä, å, please use ö instead of ~ (tidle), e.g. Control + Shift + Ö

5. Paste in this text and press enter:


Close the console by pressing the same hotkey again. You are now good to go!
For example, press Control + 1 to spawn pioneer / combat engineer squad and Control + Deleteto remove it (if selected)

List of German Squad Spawn Hotkeys

Control + 1: pioneer_squad_mp
Control + 2: grenadier_squad_mp
Control + 3: mg42_heavy_machine_gun_squad_mp
Control + 4: mortar_team_81mm_mp
Control + 5: sniper_squad_mp
Control + 6: panzer_grenadier_squad_mp
Control + 7: sdkfz_251_halftrack_squad_mp
Control + 8: scoutcar_sdkfz222_mp
Control + 9: pak40_75mm_at_gun_squad_mp
Control + 0: stug_iii_squad_mp
Control + Q: ostwind_squad_mp
Control + W: panzer_iv_squad_mp
Control + E: panzerwerfer_squad_mp
Control + R: brummbar_squad_mp
Control + T: panther_squad_mp
Control + Y: tiger_squad_mp
Control + U: opel_blitz_supply_squad
Control + I: mortar_250_halftrack_squad_mp
Control + O: assault_officer_squad_mp
Control + P: officer_squad_mp
Control + A: howitzer_105mm_le_fh18_artillery_mp
Control + S: elefant_tank_destroyer_squad_mp
Control + D: ostruppen_squad_mp
Control + F: pak43_88mm_at_gun_squad_mp
Control + G: panzer_iv_command_squad_mp
Control + H: stug_iii_e_squad_mp
Control + J: stug_iii_e_commander_squad_mp
Control + K: panzer_iv_stubby_squad_mp
Control + L: assault_grenadier_squad_mp
Control + Z: panzer_mg_squad
Control + X: panzer_iii_mp
Control + C: tiger_ace_squad_mp
Control + V: mechanized_250_halftrack_mp
Control + B: stormtrooper_squad_mp
Control + N: urban_assault_panzer_grenadier_squad_mp
Control + M: partisan_squad_m13

List of Soviet Squad Spawn Hotkeys

Control + 1: combat_engineer_squad_mp
Control + 2: conscript_squad_mp
Control + 3: sniper_team_mp
Control + 4: m3a1_scout_car_squad_mp
Control + 5: penal_battalion_mp
Control + 6: m1910_maxim_heavy_machine_gun_squad_mp
Control + 7: pm-82_41_mortar_squad_mp
Control + 8: m1942_zis-3_76mm_at_gun_squad_mp
Control + 9: m5_halftrack_squad_mp
Control + 0: t-70m_mp
Control + Q: t_34_76_squad_mp
Control + W: katyusha_bm-13n_squad_mp
Control + E: su-76m_mp
Control + R: su-85_mp
Control + T: isu-152_mp
Control + Y: shock_troops_mp
Control + U: t_34_85_squad_mp
Control + I: guards_troops_mp
Control + O: hm-120_38_mortar_squad_mp
Control + P: m1937_152mm_ml_20_artillery_mp
Control + A: is-2_mp
Control + S: m1931_203mm_b-4_howitzer_artillery_commander_mp
Control + D: kv-1_commander_mp
Control + F: kv-1_mp
Control + G: kv-2_mp
Control + H: kv-8_mp
Control + J: zis_6_transport_truck_mp
Control + K: us6_truck_squad
Control + L: dshk_38_hmg_squad_mp
Control + Z: partisans_lmg_mp
Control + X: partisans_panzerschreck_mp
Control + C: partisans_ptrs_mp
Control + V: partisans_rifle_mp
Control + B: partisans_smg_mp
Control + N: partisan_squad_kar98k_rifle_mp
Control + M: partisan_squad_maxim_hmg_mp


Oh my god! Every single thread by Janne252 has a conclusions part!
Well, I’d like to have one to gather in some thoughts.

I got kinda hit in the face by the fact that I would be unable to continue on developing mods. I thought it was the last nail to the coffin but it just wasn’t. Others could say -dev mode without mods is useless but I’d say otherwise. It’s a damn nice. Of course December 10th update was not the end of the modding. Relic has already stated that there is going to be a Steam WorkShop support for CoH2 mods.

This mod actually has a feature which has not been in CheatCommands Mod since open beta. This feature is the ability to modify game speed. Press Control + NumPad[0-9] to try different speeds. NumPad4 is the default.

In case you have feedback, questions, suggestions, or whatever, please let me know in the comments!

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