Classic Offensive V. Beta 1.2.2

Von der Mod, die das klassische Spielgefühl von CounterStrike in CS: GO wiederbeleben möchte, ist die Version Beta 1.2.2 im Teststatus erschienen. Gefixt wurden vor allem viele Bugs, die zu Abstürzen oder fehlerhaften Darstellungen führten. Zudem wurden die Bots, Grafiken und Sounds verbessert.


This version of the mod is developed separate from the official Steam release. None of the previewed features in our devlogs are present in this version of the mod. This is simply an update for the mod as it was pre-development of our Steam version to fix some major gamebreaking issues that have arisen as a result of the many updates CSGO has received over the years.

With this update, CO is no longer installed in the sourcemods folder. You can now launch it through
its own executable. If you want to add CO to your Steam library you’ll need to use the „Add a Non
Steam Game“ function. This change was necessary to prevent crashing.

Fixed some major bugs:
– Fixed an issue where players would crash when playing custom maps.
– Fixed an issue where players would crash at halftime
– Fixed an issue where players would crash when opening the buymenu when specific weapons were equipped in their CSGO loadout.

Fixed some minor bugs:
– Fixed an issue where the 1.6 style menu background was not displaying on some screen resolutions
– Fixed an issue where M4 and USP kill icons were inverted for their silenced and unsilenced firing modes

New Features/Adjustments:
– Further improved Bot buying behaviour
– Bots now use a CZ/CSS style radio callouts. They are now more talkive and expressive like the good old days.
– Adjusted audiblity of glass/wood breaking sounds to better fit CO’s sound mixing.
– Add some missing map graphics for panorama menus.
– Re-added classic Counter-Strike theme to the menu.

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