CoH 2 Mods – LemmyMOD

Wer in Company of Heroes 2 noch größere Schlachten mit mehr einzelnen Einheiten spielen möchte, sollte sich die LemmyMod genauer anschauen. Diese erhöht nämlich unter anderem die Arbeitskraft und verbilligt gleichzeitig die amerikanischen sowie sowjetischen Einheiten, um deren Masse zu steigern. Laut dem Modder sollen diese Änderungen eher der Realität entsprechen, wo die deutschen Einheiten meistens auch einer Überzahl gegenüberstanden. Natürlich sind die Wehrmacht und das OKW trotzdem keine leichte Beute und halten mit stärkerer Infanterie sowie Panzern entgegen. Die Mod enthält auch viele neue Einheiten für jede Fraktion, fügt viele Upgrade-Möglichkeiten hinzu und erhöht auch ein wenig den Bedarf an Forschung, um die letzte Stufe des Technologiebaums zu erreichen.

Die LemmyMod kann über den Steam Workshop abonniert werden.

Lemmmy MOD V1.1

This MOD works to improve your COH2 game pace and balance, I have crafted a few custom units for each faction, I have made some American and a Soviet Units cheaper and boosted their mapower intake to reflect their ability to out produce the Germans in real life. I have made most Commander Units buildable but with a progrssion system that retains the utility of commanders by letting them bypass the required upgrades to unlock production of the units they can call in. I have also tied manpower production to the capture points and added manpower upgrades to observation posts for German, U.S., and Soviets and added supply trucks for the OKW. This is the first mod I have Built for COH and the first mod I have ever released to the public. Thanks for trying it out.


Added upgrade system for unlocking commander units and some custom units, commanders can call in these units without unlocking the required upgrade to preserve their utility.

Americans work on an upgrade sytem ex. Unlocking the upgrade „Call in Rangers“ unlocks rangers and 81mm Mortars for productions but diables the 60mm mortars. all units that are disabled are noted in the upgrades help text.

German upgrades follow their established technololgy scheme with two new battle phases.

Soviets and OKW have a new tech to unlock Heavy Tanks.

Added increases in Manpower to all capture points, and observation posts for the Soviet and American Factions, and small boost to the Germans.
Added Opel Supply truck to the OKW.
Added boost in fuel and munitions to their respective observation posts, for factions that can build them.
Added Tank Traps, Timed Explosives, and sandbag walls to all factions base units (American-Rear Echelon, East German-Pioneers, OW-Volksgrenadier, and the Soviets-Conscripts have them. All Have the paratrooper timed explosives that go off 5 sec. after they are set, unless they had the triggered explosive to begin with. This is to prevent camping with the triggered explosive).

-Changed Unit progression for all Factions-

All German Factions Have Rocket Launcher Halftrack.
All Factions Have Mortars.
All Factions Have a Heavy Tank (Americans get more Shermans to Choose From).
All Factions Infantry and Team Weapons Population Reduced to the actual number of people in squad.
Upped OW Flack Damage slightly.
Most infantry units have upgrades.
Added officer to OW, German and soviet HQ
Added Rangers to American Motor pool.

Added KV-1, KV-8, and ZiS-6 Transport/Ambulance Truck to the Soviets
Added Rocket Launcher Halftrack, King Tiger, and Kubel wagon Medic to OW
Added King TIger Command Tank and Tiger Tank to Wehrmacht
Added Sherman Easy 8 and Bulldozer Sherman and priest to Americans
Added *NEW* *WIP* „Crocodile“ Sherman to the Americans *WIP* *NEW* (right now it’s working with the KV-8 Flame Projector and Gun, and animations but has Shernman aromor and stats. That the best i can do until they let us have access to the animations).

Various Minor Changes, I don’t really remember, mostly adding abilities and upgrades.

Check It out on the workshop

This Mod is best used with high popcap settings.

See The Change Log For Updates and New Additions.