CoH 2 Mods – Spiffs balance mod

Wer das Balancing in Company of Heroes 2 nicht für das Beste hält und sich unter anderem wünscht, dass die einzelnen Einheiten weniger stark erscheinen und besonders die Endgame-Panzer, wie z.B. der Königstiger, deutlich mehr Punkte des Bevölkerungslimits kosten sollten, kann sich die Spiffs balance mod mal etwas näher anschauen. Im umfangreichen Changelog könnt ihr zudem alle Änderungen nachvollziehen. Die Mod kann über den Steam Workshop abonniert werden.

About this mod
This mod has several objectives, but by far, the biggest goal is to make the game more fun. To this end, I have changed some things that arguably could’ve been balanced in order to make them more fun to use/play against (i.e. the B4). Still a work in progress. Comments and feed back more than welcome.

Overall trends
-Units less extreme
-Slower repair speeds for WF armies
-Less squad wipes
-Heavy tanks use more pop cap. Hopefully keeps medium vehicles relevant.




All call in tanks now require teching.
#This aims to extend the middle game and reduce the prevalence of the call in meta


Leut Upgrade
-cost from 200/50 to 300/50

Capt Upgrade
-cost from 200/80 to 300/80
#Better account for the increase in field presence that accompanies teching for USF

-removed minimum range on AT grenade
#I think minimum range of AT nades was included just to cause frustration

-Recon Run range increased from 60 to 500
-Major Arty and Decoy arty range set to 120 from 85
-Major Arty shells from 3 to 4
#Recon runs cover the whole map anyway. The 60 range of the recon run just makes the player look away from the front line.

-Supervise range infcreased from 8 to 15
#Just to make the ability less finicky

-cost from 60 to 70 muni
-Penetration from 110/120/130 to 130/170/190
-damage still 80
#This change aims to give the USF a means of fighting tanks in close quarters. It will hopefully force players to flank as well, since penetration is not high at long range.

Pack Howitzer
-Damage from 80 to 120
-AOE distance from 1.5/3/4.5 to 0.75/2.25/4.5
-AOE damage modifier from 1/0.3/0.1 to 1/0.25/0.1
-Max range from 80 to 100 (barrage range unchanged)
-HEAT rounds have same AOE modifiers, but keep bonus damage (160) and penetration
-Barrage fires 4 shots instead of 3
#Hopefully less squad wipes and better all round ability.

-cost from 340/20 to 320/25
-concealing smoke cost from 30 to 40 muni

M15A1 AA
-cost from 350/60 to 250/40
-build time from 60 to 45
-AOE near/mid/far from 0.5/1/1.5 to 0.2/1/1.5
-AOE damage from 1/0.35/0.05 to 1/0/0
#Aim to make this unit less extreme. It takes the glass cannon design to ridiculous lengths. It is now an anti air and mobile suppression unit.

M8A1 Motor Howitzer
-concealing smoke cost from 30 to 40 muni
-Damage from 120 to 80
-AOE damage modifier 1/0.15/0.05 to 1/0.2/0.1
-AOE distance from 1/2/3 to 0.8/2/3.2
#Aim to reduce squad wipes

M4A3 Sherman 75mm
-HE rounds damage from 160 to 80
-HE round AOE damage modifier from 1/0.35/0.05 to 1/0.5/0.2
#Reduce squad wipes, but keep the AOE effective

M4A3 Sherman 105mm Howitzer
-Damage from 160 to 120
-AOE damage modifier from 1/0.35/0.05 to 1/0.35/0.15

M36 Jackson
-Damage from 240 to 180
-Penetration from 160/180/200 to 210/220/230
-Vet 3 modifer from 1.3 penetraton to 1.34 damage (giving it back its 240 damage)
#The logic of a low penetration, high damage Tank Destroyer eludes me.

Assault Engi Demo
-damage AOE from 1/0.625/0.25 to 1/0.15/0.075

Vehicle crew
-repair speed 1.6 to 1.1

Rear Echelon
-Given TM35 mine (costs 55 muni)
#A crap mine is better than no mine.


-Suppresion increased from 0.012 to 0.0135

-lmg cost from 60 to 75 muni

105mm Howitzer
-Barrage fires 9 shots instead of 6
-Recharge time from 90 to 100

-pop from 14 to 18

-pop from 25 to 34
-range from 70 to 80
-damage from 320 to 240
-reload from 8-9 to 7-8

-pop from 16 to 20

-pop from 24 to 30

Tiger Ace
-pop from 26 to 32

Panzer Tactician
-cost from 30 to 50 muni

-Recieved acc from 0.75 to 0.85
-Max speed from 1.35 to 1.2
-Acceleration still at 1.6

-penetration from 160/170/180 to 120/170/180
-damage still at 120
#Just as effective versus light vehicles, but shrek blobs less effective late game.

-penetration from 140/150/160 to 100/110/120
#Faust seems like a no brainer. It was far more effective than allied counter parts and is used on lower armour units


Maxim HMG
-setup time from 1.5 to 2
#Hopefully reduce maxim spam?

Sovie Sniper
-Removed sprint (still need something to put in its place).
#A kiting unit can’t have sprint.

TM35 Mine
-AOE damage distance from 1.5/2/2.5 to 1/2/2.5
-AOE damage modifier from 1/1/1 to 1/0.2/0.1
#Less wipes

-Now present in the HQ, unlocked with T3/T4

-Now present in T3
-Cost 400/140
-build time 50
-penetration from 120/140/160 to 130/150/170
-damage AOE range from 0.625/1.25/1.975 to 0.4/0.8/1.2
#The above two changes will hopefully make the soviets more versatile and less commander dependant. I have tried to differentiate the T34/85 and T34/76 a little so the T34/76 in’t over shadowed.

-Recon mode modifer from 1.5 to 1.7
-Recon mode modifer at vet 2 from 2.1 to 1.9
-Vet 3 sight modifer from 1.3 to 1.1
#It is stupid that the T70 can’t perform a recon role until vet2, at which point it can see across the map.

-pop from 24 to 30

-pop from 25 to 34

-pop from 24 to 28

B4 203mm Howitzer
-crew pop from 3 to 1
-Machine pop from 0 to 10
-Scatter reduced to match other howitzers
-Barrage recharge from 60 to 40
-Damage from 640 to 320
-AOE distance from 2.5/5/7.5 to 2.25/4.5/6.75
-Precise shot AOE damage modifer from 1/0.75/0.25 to 1/0.35/0.1 (matches normal shot)
-Direct fire shot from 640 to 400 damage and AOE distance remain 2.5/5/7.5
#No one likes having their bran new tank instantly wiped out. I have tried to keep it sufficiently different from the other arty, while still balanced.

ML20 152mm Howitzer
-Barrage 90 to 110
-Number of shots from 4 to 6
-Damage from 300 to 240

Engineer Demolition
-AOE damage modifier from 1/0.625/0.15 to 1/0.15/0.075


Medic Building
-cost from 200/40 to 250/45

Repair Building
-Engineers spawned from 3 to 2
-cost from 200/40 to 250/45
#These buildings gave far more advantage for free than the Soviet/Ostheer teching.

Flak Building
-No longer shoots planes
-AOE damage modifier from 1/0.5/0.2 to 1/0.2/0.1
-Penetration from 45/45/45 to 45/40/35
-cost from 200/80 to 250/80

Flak Base Defense
-No longer shoots planes
-AOE damage modifier from 1/0.5/0.2 to 1/0.2/0.1

Schu mine
-AOE distance from 1.5/2/2.5 to 1/2/2.5
-AOE damage from 1/1/1 to 1/0.2/0.1

-can now build OPs
-reinforce time from 10 to 8 (should also reduce build time)
-Repair rate from 3 to 2
-Minesweeper no longer increases repair rate by 1
-Reinforced wire now cuttable.
#The OKW not being able to build Observation Posts had two results. They are unable to captilise on an early advantage to the same degree as other teams and they tend to float a lot of man power, making squad losses less of an issue.

-Entity cost from 95 to 90 (reinforce cost should now be 45)
-No longer called from buildings
-Call in cost from 440 to 360
-pop per entity from 2.5 to 2.25
#Far too map dependant.

-build time from 30 to 40 seconds
#Too strong for the initial engagement. After that its fine.

Jaeger Light Infantry
-No longer called from buildings

-penetration from 160/170/180 to 120/170/180
-damage still at 120
#Volks blobs less devastating to allied tanks (hopefully).

Combat Blitz
-Weapon accuracy still at 2 (I don’t know why this is here, but whatever)
-Received accuracy from 0.5 to 0.75
-max speed from 2(!) to 1.4

Jagdpanzer IV
-cost from 470/135(?) to 400/135

-pop from 26(?) to 36

-pop from 26 to 34

Panther command tank
-pop from 18 to 22

-pop from 16 to 20

-Crippling shot removed
-Smoke now unlocked with vet 1
-Smoke cost from 30 to 40 muni

Sturm Tiger
-pop from 18 to 25

Sws Halftrack
-armour from 5/4.5 to 3/2
#There should be some risk with driving it around all over the map

Walking Stuka
-Recharge time from 120 to 100
-Damage from 200 to 160
-AOE damage range from 2/4/6 to 1.2/3/7
-AOE damage modifier from 1/0.15/0.05 to 1/0.15/0.1