CoH 2 Mods: Summer_44

Eine weitere Mod für Company of Heroes 2, die viel Potenzial hat, heißt Summer_44. In der ersten Version wurden sowohl die Sowjets als auch die Wehrmacht komplett überarbeitet und haben unter anderem neue Einheiten spendiert bekommen. Zudem sind viele Strukturen nun direkt kaufbar und müssen nicht erst über die Kommandeur-Bäume freigeschaltet werden. Auch gut: Die meisten Fähigkeiten der Infanterie können endlich auch mal in Gebäuden aktiviert werden, was doch deutlich realistischer erscheint.

Viel Wert legt der Modder zudem auf eine detaillierte Umsetzung, indem leichte Fahrzeuge nun mehr Beschuss durch Handfeuerwaffen aushalten und die vorhandenen Panzer, je nach historischen Vorbild, mehr Durchschlagskraft sowie Panzerung besitzen.

Die Mod kann direkt über Steam abonniert werden und steht dann beim nächsten Start von CoH 2 zum Spielen bereit.

General changes:

– all units are as historically accurate and accomplished according to the military logic, as it’s possible in this game and using the current version of CoH 2 Mod Tools;
– all weapons are as reality-relevant, as it’s possible;
– all artillery has it’s ranges and might severely increased;
– all air strikes are applicable to the FOW;
– all vehicles with guns from 37 mm and above, as well as AT guns – have their shell types switchable;
– armored vehicles including light ones are way less susceptible to the small arms fire, though way more vulnerable to the specialized AT means;
– all MGs, including the infantry LMGs or MGs on vehicles – suppress and pin infantry, as well as sniper fire does;
– all infantry save Sappers (aka Combat Engineers)/Pioneers has at least common (hand AT grenades) AT options, and these AT means, in term, are way more nasty, than in the original game;
– most of infantry abilities like grenades or special fire modes are enabled in the buildings and vehicles;
– most of abilities are either cheaper and faster to recharge or way more powerful;
– mines are way cheaper;
– most of the field defences (like trenches or tank traps) are made non-doctrinal;
– some new units are added (like, for instance, non-doctrinal SMG and AT infantry for Soviets), most of other units – seriosly remade;

This is not the final version, but still pretty much work-in-progress. It currently includes only Soviet Army and Ostheer, USF and OKW are only in plans thus untouched for now.

There can be some bugs in this mod – so the feedback is strongly welcome.
As for balance – it’s currently based on my personal perceptions, so – constructive balance feedback (the keyword is „constructive“) is also welcome.
The very same way are welcome your impressions and constructive improvement proposals

Nearly forgot – in the custom game settings this mod will be seen as Soviet_rifle_squad (this mod stems from my modest attempt to simply make the „conscripts as I see them“).