CoH 2 Mods – Treb’s Tuning Pack

Eine Mod, die man auch in Zukunft im Auge behalten sollte, ist die Treb’s Tuning Pack für Company of Heroes 2. Der Modder lässt sich nach eigener Aussage sehr von der Red Orchestra – sowie Men of War – Reihe inspirieren und versucht das Spiel realistischer zu gestalten, aber trotz allem die Balance zu beachten.

Deshalb sind die ersten Versionen auch voll auf Infanteriekampf zugeschnitten und enthalten noch keine Panzer oder Artillerie! Dafür werden die Einheiten verstärkt, die Tarnungsmöglichkeiten für cleveres vorgehen erhöht und die Ressourcen niedriger angesetzt, um das Spielgeschehen intensiver zu gestalten. Außerdem gibt es ein überarbeitetes Fortschrittssystem, welches deutlich mehr Boni liefert.

In zukünftigen Versionen sollen auch die Panzer wieder Einzug halten und ein neuartiges Doktrinen-System integriert werden, welches Ähnlichkeiten mit Company of Heroes (Teil 1) aufweisen soll.

Die Mod kann über den Steam Workshop abonniert werden.

This is just my humble tuning pack, to make the game more enjoyable to play. It’s mostly personal preferences, various little inspirations from Red Orchestra and Men of War series. Another try of trying to catch the thin perfect line between realism and balance.

While the damage model is more „realistic“ than vanilla game,This is not a hardcore realism mod, far from it. Fun in gameplay and immersion is more important to me.

Infantry Combat Done by now. Nothing is Final, Everything is subject to change.

Get the Win Condition Pack for this mod for full effect. No seriously, get it. Essential, Quientessential, a must. Some features are only enabled through this.


Only Soviets and Ostheer/Wehrmacht are done by now. I have special plans for USF and OKW, once infantry combat of eastern front is set in stone, I’ll make sure to add them too. Contrary to vanilla, playing as OKW will be harder than playing as USF. But that’s just future.

Tanks are disabled for now. I will slowly add them up, to make sure that each one fills their own niche correctly, and balancedly. Gotta polish the game part by part.
Veterancies:They are now harder to earn, but have enormous effects. Instead of 1 vet rank doing 1 particular thing, now vet ranks improve squads overall, from reload to received suppression. Veterancy is subject to change.

Combat:A lot more fast paced. Infantry are easier to kill, but no cannon fodder. Larger amount of troops are common place. With squad sizes increased, costs reduced, no upkeep, and other modifications, I can guarantee you will have huge battles!

Economy:Low income rate to balance out fast paced nature of combati to make units more precious. However, there is no upkeep or popcap, making battles still large.

Stealth is a big feature, every squad can conceal. With varying levels of success however. Just press Hold Fire and most squads will conceal if they are in cover, some such as snipers will conceal everywhere once ordered to hold fire.

Sight Packages are now directional, infantry won’t be seeing far away backwards, and they lose sight while moving.

Commander Units have been added! Powerful officers that can train troops, call artillery and smoke strikes, and give powerful auras. They gain veterancy from friendly units, and they are tough. Though they are lone man squads, which makes them not so tough overall, but thanks to this they are also very stealthy.

Don’t let the screen mislead you, Artilery is disabled for now. Will add them after I learn how to manipulate AI properly, so that they build artys, and you get a balanced match.

There are surely stuff that I forgot to say. New units, defense emplacements etc. go without saying.

Future in order:
As you can see, infantry only focus will last for a while. Regarding tanks, you can expect a unique system, which won’t be all about who has the bigger gun or larger armour.

-5 rank vet system finished.
-Mortar and sniper revamp.
-Doctrines! 3 for each 2 factions at the start, I am planning a rather unique way. Far from commanders, similar to CoH1 but still different.
-Trade! Well, dropping supply crates for a cost. Exchanging a resource type for another at a penalty and giving supplies to your friends… or foes.
-Some airstrike abilities.
-USF and OKW!
-Some tanks, 4 of them (one for each faction) maybe for trial.
-Infantry AT revamp to follow. Putting in varied ways to combat a tank with infantry, including but not limited to molotovs, satchels, demos, grenades.
-This is as far future I can predict as of now, but I am sure there are stuff that I forgot here too.

WELL, see for yourself, it is the best way to explain. Don’t forget to rate and leave feedback, And a happy new year!