CoH 2 – Spearhead – Combat Overhaul Mod

Eine ambitionierte Mod für Company of Heroes 2 ist Spearhead – Combat Overhaul, welche versucht das Spielgeschehen deutlich realistischer zu gestalten. Dementsprechend wurde vor allem an den Waffen geschraubt, die nun gegen alle Einheiten tödlicher sind. Was das genau heißt? Nun, Fernkampfeinheiten haben deutlich bessere Chancen einen tödlichen Schuss zu setzen, Nahkämpfer richten mit den Maschinenpistolen deutlich mehr Unheil an und können mit ihren Waffen auch schon mal mehrere Ziele erwischen. Des Weiteren sind Artillerie-Waffen beim Einschlag deutlich gefährlicher.

Auch steht die Taktik mehr im Mittelpunkt. Flankiert man Feinde, fallen diese deutlich schneller um. So haben gerade auch Infanterie-Einheiten eine Chance, die noch keine Veteranen-Stufen besitzen. Die taktischen Finessen sind nun aber auch gegen schwere Panzer wichtig, da diese deutlich geboostet und damit realistischer gestaltet wurden. Anfällig sind die Ungetüme gegen leichte Panzer dementsprechend auch nur noch von seitlichen oder hinteren Angriffen.

Außerdem gibt es noch überarbeitete Doktrin-Bäume, einige neue Einheiten (unter anderem eine PaK 36) und viele neue Fähigkeiten/Upgrades/Gebäude. Alle Änderungen können im Changelog nachgelesen werden. Auch über kommende Features kann man sich bereits informieren!

Wenn ihr die Mod nun selbst ausprobieren möchtet, könnt ihr Spearhead – Combat Overhaul unter diesem Link downloaden!


1. Main Features
2. Specific Features
3. Planned
4. Credits
5. Troubleshooting
6. Rules of Conduct

1. Main Features:
★ Deadlier Weapons: Greatly increased weapon damage and range across the board. Anything and everything has a potential chance to kill if used correctly. Automatic weapons can tear through multiple targets, artillery can pulverize multiple squads if left unchecked.

★ New Units: More units available such as the 3.7cm Pak 36, or the Bazooka-wielding Anti-Tank Squad for Americans. No faction will be left out entirely in a certain playstyle, such as defense, or tank combat, but neither do they all function the same.

★ Redesigned Combat: Infantry is a game of tactics, you stand a fair chance of countering any other squad under the right circumstances. Not just because one squad is „elite“ and yours aren’t. Armor combat is more straightforward. The tank with the better gun or thicker armor will quickly splatter the smaller tank, using coordinated attacks and flanking is crucial, especially for Allied tanks

★ Doctrines: These are available as a means to provide more flexibility and options over the vanilla commanders in the form of abilties that complement playstyle, new units, and more. You can still use the commander system, but choosing a doctrine (Company, Tactics, Division, Corps, resepectively.) from the HQ is recommended.

2. Specific Features:
– Abilities: Sprint and Hold Position is available for all infantry, and a lot more for each squad to give them more utility.
– Aircraft: Airstrikes and strafing runs are far more lethal, but at the same time able to be countered with enough AA.
– Armor: Size matters. A Tiger can easily take on multiple medium tanks, while an ISU-152 can pick it off from range.
– Artillery: Howitzers, and mortars no longer hit dead-on with every single shot. While they do far more damage, they cost munitions to fire and scatter far more. Their blasts can temporarily stun a tank’s crew.
– Buildings: All factions have received defensive build options, such as machine gun nests and sandbags.
– Infantry: Firefights are a more equalized playing ground. German units wont be able to just sponge up damage from the Allied armies, their soldiers are just as lethal if used correctly. Tactics and weapons matter.
– Officers: No longer commander-specific, they provide an assortment of abilities and aura to aid your troops in the field, call a smoke barrage to cover an advance, or light flares to mark artillery.
– Upgrades: Most units will have new options for upgrades, the Grenadiers can receive an MG34, while a ZiS-6 Truck can be outfitted to drop medical supplies or deliver reinforcements.
– Tank Crews: Every faction can now bail out of their tanks manually similar to the Americans, but now heavy tank crews also have a chance of surviving when their vehicle is destroyed.
– Veterancy: Squads will no longer morph into super soldiers at Rank 3. Bonuses will be added incrementally and up to rank 5. Veterancy-based abilities weapon upgrades also encourage you to keep your troops alive.

3. Planned:
– Advanced Merging: Squads that are divided when taking over weapon teams will be able to merge back into the original squad, allowing for a single squad to man more weapons.
– Ambush: Infantry garrisoned within buildings will be able to hide and wait for targets to arrive closer. Urban combat will be significantly more dangerous, armor is advised to have supporting infantry.
– Blastwaves: Artillery shells generate shockwaves that stun and disorient nearby units.
– Morale: Inexperienced troops downed to the last men may disregard orders and retreat, either off the battlefield or back to base, or perhaps stay and fight to the death.
– Skin/Models: Waiting on Relic to release the proper tools, then we can give each unit any weapon we want, and with the proper uniforms. (We have no idea when this is going to happen).
– Tactical Retreat: Troops will be extremely vulnerable when breaking out of cover to retreat, only when they reach a certain speed will they become harder to hit. This is to discourage suicide charges followed with an easy retreat.
– User Interface: Custom icons and portraits will eventually be implemented for new and existing units.
– Vehicle Sight: Vehicles will be spotted at great distances in the fog of war, allowing for actual long range tank combat, while allowing infantry to still maneuver out of sight.

4. Credits
Founder: Achronos
Project Leaders: Charles Vane, LeePriest
Designers/Balance: Fieldy 1994, UKVAULTMAN, Alphatier, [A]Chronos
Testers: Mishimix, Tank Killer, GANDALFtheSWAG, danthafatman, MajorLustig, and many more.
User Interface: Cultist_kun

Special Thanks To:
Janne252 – For the CheatCommand mod, without it, we probably would not have able to refine our mod as much as we did.
Schpongle – For help with making our doctrines.

5. Troubleshooting
Incase you have issues getting the mod to show up.

1. Restart the game/restart Steam. This should do the trick, if not, Step 2.

2. Unsubscribe and subscribe again followed by a Steam restart. I heard from various sources this helps…

3. Download this file:

And copy it to: C:\Users\(whatever-your-name-is)\Documents\my games\company of heroes 2\mods\tuning\subscriptions


Failure to abide may result in your post(s) being deleted :
1. Be respectful to other users and moderators. We’re not paid game developers, making demands of us as though we are won’t go anywhere.
2. Repeating the same bug again when it’s listed everywhere.
3. Posting then ignoring our requests for you to stop. (I.e. repeatedly posting the same idea, we tell you to stop, you ignore it).

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