CoH 2 – Update passt wieder Katyusha an

Nachdem das Update vom 22. Juli die Katyusha einfach zu mächtig gemacht hatte, wurde mit dem aktuellen Update vor allem wieder an deren Balancing gearbeitet. Demnach ist nun der Gebäudeschaden deutlich reduziert worden und die Aufladezeit wurde angehoben. Gleiches gilt für den Panzerwerfer 42, der aber immerhin seine Angriffe um 10 Sekunden schneller einsetzen kann. Alle Änderungen lassen sich im Changelog nachlesen:

Updates for July 31st, 2014


  • M2HB .50 Cal previously had a +25% accuracy modifier instead of the intended +25% received accuracy modifier
  • Adjusted the vet modifiers of the KV-1 to reflect its intended performance enhancements
  • Lowered the accuracy modifier of paratroopers from 1.4 to 1.25 to account for the squad healing which was added to veterancy level 2
  • Elite Riflemen required population text on the dispatch ability now correctly states 7 population cost
  • Sturm Officer population text on the dispatch ability now correctly states the 6 population cost
  • WC51 Dodge recharge time set from 6 to 30 seconds
  • Greyhound recharge time set from 6 to 45 seconds
  • UI reticle for riflemen flares set from 35 to 30 to better represent its area of effect

Rocket Artillery
Our intent is to better align the performance of rocket artillery between the factions while maintaining some of their unique characteristics. In a previous update, we significantly increased the performance of the Katyusha to bring it in line with its counter-parts. However, its damage versus buildings ended up being higher than intended. Our goal was to lower building damage while increasing performance versus vehicles and maintaining its current performance versus infantry. Although damage has been set back to 80, the AOE modifiers on these units have been modified to retain the same damage profile versus soft targets.


  • These changes will retain the Katyusha’s current lethality versus infantry, increase its performance versus vehicles, and lower its performance vs. buildings. The delay in pay-load delivery provides the Katyusha with the ability to deny an area for short periods of time, while its long range and precision fire ability allow it to annihilate high priority units on the battle field.
    • Damage from 160 to 80
    • Mid AOE damage from 45 to 28
    • Deflected shots now deal 20 damage
    • Ability recharge time from 70 to 110 seconds


  • In contrast to the Katyusha, the Panzerwerfer trades range and area denial for damage concentration. This increased rocket saturation increases its barrage lethality, while its counter barrage ability punishes nearby artillery. Given the Panzerwerfer has a slightly higher tech cost, we have enabled it to fire its barrage more frequently.
    • Damage from 160 to 80
    • Mid AOE damage from 56 to 28
    • Deflected shots now deal 20 damage
    • Ability recharge time from 70 to 100 seconds

SdKfz 251 „Stuka zu Fuß“ Half-track

  • The Stuka provides the user with greater fidelity, allowing them to better coordinate their barrage against the enemy. Given the Stuka uses the largest caliber rocket, its deflection damage was increased to 40 to better reflect its intended potency versus armored units.
    • Deflected shots now deal 40 damage