CoH 2 – World War 1 Mod

So langsam aber sicher entstehen die ersten, größeren Projekte in Company of Heroes 2. Nach der bereits vorgestellten Age of Heroes – Mod, befindet sich nun auch eine erste World War 1 – Mod in der Entwicklung. Durch Relics momentane Beschränkungen bei den Mod-Tools lässt sich natürlich noch nicht alles astrein umsetzen und viele Aspekte müssen nach hinten verschoben werden, aber für einen ersten, spaßigen Eindruck ist trotzdem gesorgt!

Wichtig ist, dass man die Mod mit Freunden oder über das Internet spielen muss, da die KI noch nicht 100%ig funktioniert. Zudem benötigt ihr das WW1 Mod – Win Condition – Paket, sonst stürzt die Mod ab.

Neugierig geworden? Dann ladet euch die Mod über den Steam Workshop herunter! Im Changelog stehen zudem alle Details über die World War 1 Mod.

!!! REQUIRED Win Condition !!!

If you had the old Alpha version, be sure to remove it. Some players may confuse it with the Beta.

~ ~ ~

– Custom skins are NOT possible yet! Until the game developer (Relic) allows it, we have to deal with default WW2 skins.
– AI does not work correctly, playing with friends or other followers of the mod is best. Same problem here as with the skins, AI cannot be modified in the editor.
– Gameplay will be broken or the wrong units will appear if you don’t use the WW1 Win Condition!

Patch b1.04 Changelog – 2/19/15

– WW1 Win Condition mod–make sure you have it–now raises the pop cap to 200
– Bayonet Charge has been temporarily reverted to the default „Oorah!“ effects
– Black Watch squads no longer spawn with PTRS (bug) and now have the Bayonet Charge ability
– Canadian Infantry abilities fixed, and now uses the Shock Troops skin
– Sniper units now use the original sniper skins
– Invisible sniper rifle bug fixed (any issues with this please report)
– French 37mm MLE 1916 support gun is now functional, but the model is still invisible (sorry, WIP)
– Numerous missing or misplaced buttons/icons fixed
– German Battle Phase buttons now indicate the level with little iron crosses
– HMGs and LMGs had their stats carefully reworked using real world data
– LMGs no longer fire while moving
– Tanks have new stats based on real data and were tweaked slightly thereafter for the sake of balance
– Tanks can now be scuttled and have Vehicle Crews with a percentage chance to bail and survive after destruction
– The A7V and Mark IV (not Beutepanzer) have one transport slot to shuttle infantry around the battlefield
– Some unit and upgrade costs were changed and Munitions are now a more important resource
– Construction menus for Reserves, Infantry, and Engineer units were changed and each faction has greater access to defenses and obstacles
– Anti-infantry (2 CP) and anti-tank mines (4 CP) can now be placed by Engineer units

What to expect in 1.05:

Bayonet Charge will work as intended, causing damage and criticals. For now it is the same as Conscripts „Oorah!“.

The tech tree will receive some changes. For example „NCO squads“ will be removed and each factions‘ Infantry squads will have an „NCO Promotion“ upgrade available @ Veteran 1. One squad member is replaced with an NCO armed with a pistol, reducing received suppression by 10% and received accuracy by 10%.

Reserves will no longer build static artillery, instead each faction will have an Artillery Commander available at their HQ (@ 4 CP) that can construct/support the artillery. This will add more flavor/strategy to artillery, encouraging players to create artillery batteries plus defenses to protect them. Each faction will have access to a medium and heavy gun (buildable, static) plus the pack howitzer and infantry support gun (spawned, mobile) for a total of 4 types of artillery pieces available for each faction.

~ ~ ~


Soviet = United Kingdom
USF = France
Ostheer = Germany
OKW = HDK (Heeresgruppe Deutscher Kronprinz)

~ ~ ~


– Balance tuning
– Hotkeys
– Veterancy
– Officer abilities
– WW1 Commanders & Elite squads