Für Company of Heroes – Spieler, die sehr viele Mods installiert haben und nicht immer für jede einzelne Modifikation ein eigenes Icon erstellen wollen, bietet sich der KADZ LAUNCHER an. Dieser ermöglicht es euch nicht nur die Mods bequem per Mausklick zu starten, sondern dem Spiel auch verschiedene Kommandobefehle mitzugeben. Darunter fallen z.B. das Freischalten aller Missionen, das Entfernen der Intro-Videos oder das Starten von CoH im Entwicklermodus. Downloaden könnt ihr das nützliche Tool unter diesem Link.


Mods Auto-detection with there short description and version.
No hustle creating a bunch of shortcut for each mod(s).
Launch parameter integration; just a click away.
Company of Heroes auto delete logs function.
Easy creation of Desktop shortcut for the Launcher (Just click create shortcut button)
Instruction and hints are integrated in its User Interface.
Customize Hot Keys for some useful built-in function of COmpany of heroes.
Versatile and Compact.

1. Run then installer (COH Launcher 3.0 Setup.exe).
2. Select appropriate Comapny of Heroes installation directory.
3. Configure the installer settings according to what you want.
4. When the installer finishes, you can now start the launcher.

Run uninstaller from program folder in start menu program or from control panel.
Note: Uninstaller executable can’t be run directly!

Version 3.87 – All Mods Edition (February 2015)
* Minor bug fixes.
* RelicCOH.exe steam version detection fixed. (Reported bug in

Version 3.86 – All Mods Edition (January 2015)
* Fixed Error message when fonts in font folder are missing.
* Fixed Error logging.
* Changed log file name to ‚COH Launcher_Log.txt‘ and location to ‚[My Documents]\My Games\Company of Heroes\Kadz Launcher‘.
* Improve logging capabilities.
* Minor bug fixes.
+ Can now detect if the Launcher is already running: single Instance Application.
+ Added default KeyMap settings upon installation.
+ Added restore default KeyMap in key binding window.
+ Added option to disable „Desktop Composition“ during the game and enable when the game is closed to increase the game performance a litttle bit.
– Removed hover sound in the Kadz Launcher logo.

Version 3.82 – All Mods Edition (March 2013)
* Fixed Arial Narrow, Batik Regular and etc. font is missing for windows XP. (Reported bug in
* Fixed when „[My Documents]\My Games\Company of Heroes\LogFiles“ doesn’t exist throws an error on startup.
* Fixed when „[My Documents]\My Games\Company of Heroes\configuration.lua“ doesn’t exist throws an error when „PLAY“ button is press.
* Some Minor and Major bug fixed.+ Released in a installer executable.
+ Better error handling.
! New fixed borderless user’s interface with red background close button.

Version 3.70 – All Mods Edition (Feb 2013)
* Fixed Setting file formatting.

Version 3.67 – All Mods Edition (Jan 2013)
* Fixed when „[My Documents]\My Games\Company of Heroes\“ folder doesn’t exist when openning and saving settings will create the directory upon saving.
* Fixed when „[My Documents]\My Games\Company of Heroes\“ folder doesn’t exist when saving key binding will create the directory upon saving.
* Combine Command Line window with Hot Key window.
* Fixed font scaling.
* Minor bug fix.
+ Added option to run RelicCOH.exe as administrator. This is beneficial to mods that requires admin right like Modern Combat Mod.
+ Added Toggle FOW in Hot Keys.
+ Added Toggle Shadow Cubemap.
+ Added No Clip option.
+ Added Hot Key to set game speed to Normal.
+ Added custom launch parameter options window.
! Change Key Map to Hot Keys; Title of Hot Keys Window.
! Changes working setting directory to „[My Documents]\My Games\Company of Heroes\Kadz Launcher\“
! Minimal font changes.
! Minimal description changes and some correction has been made.! Change Background Audio to Button action audio.
! Change toggle background audio ON/OFF button with additional launch parameter button.
– Remove Command Line window and Button.

Version 3.25 (Jan 2013)
* Minor bug fix+ Added Key binding to some useful functions.
+ Added Hints to Hot key button and background audio button.

Version 3.11
* First public release at (Jan 2013)
* Minor bug fix.

Version 1 to 2 (Jan 2010 to Dec 2012)
! Never been Publish and only used personally by author.