COH2 SMF Player V. 1.2

Für Modder in CoH 2 sicherlich interessant ist das COH2 SMF Player – Tool, welches es ermöglicht .smf – Dateien anzuschauen und in .wav/.ogg – Dateien umzuwandeln. Das Programm steht zwar noch unter „Work in Process“, funktioniert aber bereits sehr gut sowie stabil.

[Download nicht gefunden.]

COH2 SMF Player can be used to listen/convert .smf files to/as .wav/.ogg files.
This is still a bit WIP so if you have issues using this please report.

  • Requirements: .Net Framework, latest version (if you have Windows 7 and you’ve kept updating it, you should be fine)
  • Sound playing is based on irrKlang library

How to use: 
1. Extract, for example Sound.Sga. You could use Cope’s tools for this or you could just extract it with the Archive.exe using the following command:

archive.exe -a "COH2\Archives\Sound.sga" -e "COH2\Archives\Sound"

2. Run the program and paste in the path you extracted the sound archive and press „Refresh file list“
3. Double-click any file in the list to start playing it

Additional info
I kinda ended up adding all the basic sound playing tools there (play, pause, stop, seeker) during the process. I wanted to try doing these and since the library allowed doing them easily, why not?
Oh, and the whole form is scale-able. I just love docking elements.