Competitive Matchmaking Server Picker/Blocker V. 1.4

Von vismxownz gibt es eine neue Competitive Matchmaking Server Picker/Blocker – Version, welche es ermöglicht bestimmte Matchmaking-Server zu blockieren, um z.B. nur westeuropäische Spieler im eigenen sowie gegnerischen Team zu haben. In der neuen Version wurde unter anderem der indische Matchmaking-Server integriert, die grafische Oberfläche überarbeitet und die Performance der Anwendung verbessert. Des Weiteren gibt es noch kleinere Komfortfunktionen, wie das automatische Erkennen der CS: GO.exe sowie ein Button, um die Server zu refreshen.

  • Version 1.4

    2 days ago by vismxownz

    • + Refreshbutton added
    • + slightly performance/pingtime increase
    • + slightly changed visuals
  • Version 1.3

    2 days ago by vismxownz

    • + Autoremove if update
    • + Block off highpingservers (all above 100 ms) (optional)
    • + yellow Lines (beside green and red) to indicate highpingservers
    • + improves performance
    • – single bugfix


  • Version 1.2

    2 days ago by vismxownz

    • Boosted the performance once again
    • Resized the Window
    • Smallered the Size by 30%
    • extendet the Server Information
    • added „Gamestart“-Support
    • Added modern fresh Look
    • Detects your CS:GO.exe automaticly
  • Version 1.1

    3 days ago by vismxownz

    • Added Support for Indian Servers
    • Combined Servertrigger into one smaller .exe


Q: Can i get a VAC or another kind of ban for using it? A: It’s 100% VAC proof because it’s not even touching VAC, CS:GO or even Steam.

Q: What do i need to use it? A: Everything you need is to [u]enable[/u] your Firewall

Q: Does it cost something? A: For sure not, you can feel free to donate, but you don’t have to

Q: Why should i use it? A: Get rid of all those laggy Servers, or even if you dislike Server for there Players (Russians, Germany, Indian etc.) simply block them off from your Matchmaking

Q: Am i able to use it while playing with Friends premade? A: Yes, but you have to start the Lobby and invite your Friends after

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