Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Buyscript Maker V. 1.2 Winter Update

Vom User 2xD wurde ein exzellentes Buyscript-Tool für CounterStrike: GO entwickelt. Das Tool ist in der Bedienung sehr einfach gehalten, so dass mit einigen, wenigen Mausklicks ein umfangreiches Script zum Erwerben von Waffen, Textnachrichten oder Radio Commands erstellt werden kann. Wer sich schon immer einmal ein Buyscript erstellen wollte, kann mit dem Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Buyscript Maker nichts falsch machen!


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Buyscript Maker quickly generates buyscripts for your CSGO!


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have a special trick to buy weapons & equipment fast – buyscripts. You just have to select a button, which you would have to press each round when you’re in the buyzone and you get all your buys in less than 1 second. Because it is not comfortable to create & update buyscripts, this tool makes all the work for you.

General setup

  1. Download & Unzip the CS:GO Buyscript Maker
  2. Launch CSGOBuyscriptMaker v1.2.exe
  3. Set the path to CS:GO in /SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Adding buyscripts

In the left list box you have keyboard and mouse buttons, in the right – the weapons, equipment, radio commands and other stuff you can put in your buyscript, in the bottom – the final buyscript for the corresponding key. To add a buyscript, proceed as the following:

  1. Press „Add button“
  2. Select a keyboard or mouse button
  3. In the 4 list boxes, on the right, doubleclick the items you want to have in the buyscript for the corresponding key.
  4. If you’re ready, press „Save / Update Buyscript“ to save the buyscript file for CS:GO!

Special features

  • Easy update function
  • Radio commands
  • Easy-to-select keyboard/mouse buttons (graphical interface)
  • Chat commands
  • Switch to commands

made by 2xD /

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