CS: GO Competitive Server Blocker V. 1.0

Wenn man in CounterStrike: GO nur mit Spielern zocken möchte, die auf bestimmten Steam-Servern (z.B. EU West) unterwegs sind, benutzt man dafür ein Competitive Server Blocker – Tool. Downloaden könnt ihr das Tool unter diesem Link. Informationen über die genaue Funktionsweise des Programms erhaltet ihr im Changelog!



Use this tool to set your firewall to block Counter Strike Global Offensive Competitive Servers.

You can also use the built in ping tester to assure you’re only blocking servers with poor performance!


As this software uses your firewall to block servers there’s absolutely NO chance that you can be banned by VAC.

Always Updated

You only have to download this software once as it has a built in updater that will the software up to date with, fixes & patches.

The software will always be updated within 24 hours of a bug being found, or an update to the Steam services.

Open Source

View the source code @ https://github.com/harrymilnes/CS-GO-CSB, feel free to recompile, edit, redistribute. Please keep original credits & links to the open source project.


Initial Block:- Click on some servers til they turn blue and then press apply when you’re done selecting the servers you want.

Manual blocking:- after the initial block you can edit the blocking and unblocking by clicking additional servers.

Resetting:- as the initial blocking can only be done once you’ll have to press „Reset“ before doing it again.

When the software is closed it will reset your firewall rules against the CS:GO servers.


Using another firewall?

This will only work if your primary firewall is the default Microsoft Firewall.

Maximum Matchmaking Ping

If you’ve set this up and you can’t join any servers you may need to up your maximum match making ping.


1: Launch CS:GO 2: Go into Settings > Gameplay > Set Max Acceptable Matchmaking Ping slider to 350 (this should guarantee any server)


If you’ve got server blocks it will also take effect in the lobby

Firewall Glitches

If for some reason your software crashes and you’re firewall rules get stuck applying, or you’re unsure if they’ve been applied or misapplied.

1: Go to Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Firewall 2: Click Advanced Settings on the left 3: Click Outbound Rules 4: Observe

Virus Total Scan

The results of 0/57 show the contents don’t contain any malicious content and they’re entirely SAFE to download.


(Quelle: http://csgo.gamebanana.com/)