CS: GO Update fixt unter anderem Bots beim Warmup

Mit dem neusten CS: GO Update navigieren die Bots beim Warmup nun endlich korrekt. Zudem werden Spieler, die im Wettkampf- oder Wingman-Modus gekickt oder die Verbindung trennen, nicht mehr durch einen Bot ersetzt. Nur wenn das gesamte Team gehen sollte, wird ein Bot am Spawn bleiben.

Weiterhin hebt der Ping-Befehl keine Waffen mehr im Wettkampf-Modus hervor und bewegt sich auch nicht mehr, wenn Charaktere über diesen laufen. Außerdem wurden die SWAT sleeves an allen bekannten Modellen reduziert und einige Maps haben Fixes erhalten (siehe Changelog).

[ GAMEPLAY ] – When a player disconnects or is kicked in classic competitive and wingman modes, they will no longer be replaced by a bot. If the entire other team leaves, one bot will be left on the other team, idling in spawn.
– Fixed bots not navigating properly in Warmup arenas.

[VIEW MODELS] – Reduced size of SWAT sleeves matching all existing models.

[ MISC ] – Fixed a crash in Windows dedicated server when “version” command is issued.
– Pings no longer move when walked over by characters, and will no longer highlight weapons in competitive matches.
– Adjusted Retakes clip areas in Mirage and Train

[ PERFECT WORLD ] – Accounts that completed government identity verification have been upgraded to CS:GO Prime Account Status for Steam China.

[ MAPS ] Ancient
– Further optimizations
– Fixed some clipping bugs

-Fixed a pixel-gap in the Cargo containers in T-Spawn (Thanks to the perceptive individual that reported it to 3kliksphilip!)
-Fixed Cargo containers not having their proper colors.
-Fixed bomb explosions being visible above the A site. (Thanks markman2575!)

– Removed several boost spots
– Added stairs in the garage for better rotation flow
– Breakable glass ceiling around A-site and Mid. Smokes and flashes can now be used on A-site
– Removed “office” area on mid
– Added ladder on A upper CT side
– Both entrances of the hut are now wider for better player traffic flow between A-site and Mid
– Lowered A upper and bridge to make entire bombsite more readable
– Removed several awkward angles on A-site
– Removed excessive areas on A-site
– Removed clutter on A-site
– Better FPS around the whole map

– Widened inner part of connector
– Reduced size of restaurant corner
– Adjusted tarp positions on truck to eliminate some angles
– Lowered half-wall at stairs
– Adjusted timings by pushing CT spawns back a bit
– Shifted crates next to tower further towards pit
– Enhanced visibility for various long range angles
– Removed electric box next to bikes
– Reduced amount of breakable glass at shop
– Blocked angle from CT boost to pit
– Increased size of ladder hole
– Added location names
– Fixed players being able to see into the tower area when boosted at dumpster (u/ReVoLTimE)
– Fixed some Z-fighting and intersecting geo (Thanks Joaokaka1998)
– Fixed various visible nodraw textures (Thanks Joaokaka1998, Fnugz, u/TheSpudd, u/ReVoLTimE)
– Fixed various bomb stuck spots (Thanks Joaokaka1998)
– Fixed player stuck spot on street (Kerluck)
– Clipping adjustments throughout the map (Thanks Joaokaka1998, u/ReVoLTimE, Kerluck)
– Minor visual adjustments and enhancements

(Quelle: https://blog.counter-strike.net/)