CSGO Fonts V. 1.0

Die Seite fonts.spddl.de bietet eine größere Auswahl an Fonts für CounterStrike: GO an. Der User „realTUSK3N“ hat sich nun die Mühe gemacht diese ganzen Fonts in einem Paket zusammenzufassen, welches wir euch zum Download anbieten möchten. Wer also schon immer einmal CS: GO mit einer anderen Schriftart spielen wollte, sollte sich das Paket downloaden und sich eine schöne Schrift heraussuchen.

I am NOT the Author all the creeds goes to spddl!

This was all taken by the website spddl hosts! If you would like to download it one by one then go to he’s website!


All fonts is in one Zip file in the download.

Description taken from he’s website;

Welcome on this site I’d like to offer you a possibility to change the font for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, I have to add that it isn’t possible to change font size or text positions.

Install: Just unzip the contents of the ZIP directly into your Program Files directory. (Usually „C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)“)

For uninstall use: steam://validate/730 (experienced users may just have a look into the file „fontmapping.cfg“)

Each download not coming from this site could have been modified using a virus or other unwanted modifications wich could result in a VAC ban.

My very own scripts never lead into a VAC ban, so be careful where you download from!

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[Download nicht gefunden.]

(Quelle: http://csgo.gamebanana.com/)