Demolitionist (ME3LE Sentinel Custom Class) V. 1.0

Diese Mod modifiziert in Mass Effect 3 die Sentinel-Klasse und ersetzt ein paar Fähigkeiten durch Andere, um so alle vier Kraftkombo-Detonationen beherrschen zu können. Im Changelog stehen dazu weitere Details.

Modifies the Sentinel class to become a master of all four power combo detonations. Replaces Lift Grenade and Cryo Blast with Incinerate and Cryo Ammo. Let the splosions commence!

My first mod – Thanks to Swaggar and their Build A Class Customization Guide, even I could figure this out!

The Sentinel is one of a couple of excellent „space wizard“ classes in Mass Effect, I wanted to tweak the Sentinel so it was capable of generating all four power combos on its own. I replaced Lift Grenade with Incinerate to access fire combos. Cryo Blast, I replaced that with Cryo Ammo, to reduce the amount of active powers needed in the setup, and to potentially put the frost primer job on your squadmates.

Cryo Ammo
Tech Armor
Offensive Mastery

I did not setup up auto-leveling or lock any skills behind prerequisites, hopefully that isn’t an issue for most players.

Please let me know of any problems in the comments and I will attempt to address them with my limited skill set. Cheers –

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