CS:GO Text Mod V. 4.0

Filename CSGO Text Mod V. 4.0.7z
Filesize 3 kB
Version 4.0
Date added 9. Juli 2018
Downloaded 212 times
Category CounterStrike: GO

What does this mod do? – Friendlist descriptions are more readable – Simplifing chat: – – Chat looks more readable. Added some colors to different texts(Dead, CT, T, RADIO, etc) – – ‚Fire in hole‘ texts replaced by shorten versions – – Money awards texts replaced by shorten versions How to install: 1. Put ‚csgo_textmodorel.txt‘ to ‚csgo/resource‘ folder 2. Click right button on CS:GO in Steam 3. Choose Properties and select ‚Set Launch Options‘ 4. Add next parametres: -language textmodorel