Platinum difficulty for single-player (LE) V. 1.0

Filename Platinum difficulty for single-player (LE) V.
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Version 1.0
Date added 6. Juni 2021
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Category Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect 3 Insanity is a joke compared to ME2 Insanity, so I made this simple mod that change Insanity difficulty into Platinum Difficulty from ME3 multi-player.

This mod changes enemy stats in Insanity Difficulty to those from MP Platinum Difficulty from original Mass Effect 3. Enemies deal more damage, they will have more health, more shields, their shields will start to regenerate more quickly, they will use grenades, smoke, dodge and melee attacks more often, your powers will now need more force to make them stagger or knocked back and so on…

Other changes:
Thermal clips drop chance from enemies is now 30% (was 20%)
Player’s shield regen is now 20% per second (was 25%)
Partial destroyed player’s shield now start to regenerate after 3,5s (was 3s)
Completely destroyed player’s shield now start to regenerate after 4,5s (was 4s)
Cooldown between enemie’s grenades is now 5s (was 10s)
Mounted turret damage and ammo capacity greatly increased.

There is also optional file, Platinum Plus, which also change power combos (recommend this one):
All power combos deal only 40% of original damage and affect only 2 enemies (was 4)
Every power evolution that boost combo effectivnes is now 25% (was 50%)

Choose only one file!

Extract Coalesced.bin file to Mass Effect 3BIOGameCookedPCConsoleBACKUP original file first!

It’s Coalesced mod, so It’s not compatibile with other mods that edit Coalesced file, but they can be merged by Wench’s Coalesced Editor.