Easy Vibrance enhancer V. 1.1a

Mit Hilfe des Easy Vibrance enhancer ist es möglich den Kontrast sowie die Farbsättigung in CS: GO einfach umzustellen und zwischen drei verschiedenen Stufen zu wählen. Durch die Erhöhung der Farbsättigung ist es in der Regel einfacher feindliche Spieler in CS: GO früher zu erkennen.

No need to say it’s VAC-Proof but it is, using it for 500 Gamehours now since last year.

This File extends the Vibrance to good visibility and also removes the „foggyness“ in CS:GO, Textures and (the most important) enemys are much sharper and better in Detail so you are able to easy locate them even in Dark or Uncolored Spots.

Update: Screenshot who say „Before After“ are taken with „normal“-Settings, look the Splitted Screenshot to see the Difference between „without, less, normal and more“. Thanks in Advance.

Version 1.1a

+ Added 3 different Vibrance types
+ Lifted Performance a bit

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(Quelle: http://csgo.gamebanana.com/)