EAW Remake Lite V. 1.0 + 1.3 Patch

Von der EAW Remake Lite – Modifikation für Star Wars: Empire at War kam eine neue Version heraus, die deutlich kompakter erscheint, aber dafür wohl auch balancierter ist. Der Modder reduzierte nämlich die spielbaren Fraktionen auf vier (Empire, Rebels, CIS und Republic) und entfernte alle Weiteren. Diese sollen irgendwann wieder nachgeliefert werden, sobald das wahrscheinlich durchaus schwierige Balancing abgeschlossen ist.


EAW Remake Lite V. 1.3 Patch

Major bugfix package. Simply overwrite the old files with the ones in this archive.

1.2 and 1.3 added a ton of fixes and AI behaviour tweaks. They’re retarded but tolerable. No more spam one unit. Restart your GC for all fixes to take effect properly.

Patchnotes for 1.1 include but aren’t limited to:

– Fixed Home One Hardpoints. – Fixed Home One not being buildable in GC. – Fixed AI spamming Freighters. – Fixed missing Luckehulk Turrets. – Fixed missing Lucrehulk Textures. – Fixed missing Kandosii Textures. – Fixed missing Tri-Fighter Textures. – Fixed ISD-I text. – Fixed Dauntless text. – Fixed Quasar Heal text. – Optimized Planet Particles. – Fixed Units being pushed off the Build Bar (Still an issue on planets with Neutral Units if you also build the Trade Port) – Readded the After-Battle Report – Replaced Rebel Ion Cannon Land Bombardment with a Turbolaser Strike. – Added Spy ability to Han/Chewie and Kyle Katarn. – Fixed the larger Reinforcement ability of Empire Starbase. – Fixed Admiral Screed text. – Fixed some space maps using old versions. – Removed the discount related text from Palpatine and Mon Mothma. – Removed the Spy Sat to make room in the build bar. – Fixed the X-Wing upgrade system issues. – Fixed issues with heroes being buildable after death. – Removed the battle start announcer. – Added text for where heroes can be upgraded. – Removed the CIS ability logo and text from Felucia, Kalee, and Serenno. – IPV now blocked from the AI as it’s not meant to be buildable. – Fixed text for Jedha and Scarif. – Changed the income of all planets. – Added the missing Interceptor Frigates. – Changed several local garrisons. – Fixed the Rebel AI using the wrong story set in 1-Planet Start GC. – Fixed Profundity not being rebuildable after death. – Made the AI able to build the Trade Port.

EAW Remake Lite V. 1.0

The lite version of the mod. Includes Empire, Rebels, CIS and Republic units. 2 playable GC maps and a fully redone skirmish map roster. Does not include: Criminal underworld, zann consortium, black sun, hutt cartels, vong, story events, some other fancy stuff that’ll be in the full release like more GC maps, units, heroes, ect.

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This allows me to keep modding instead of having to find a job while I go through my education, I’d love to keep developing this mod and if the patron support allows it, I’ll happily do so.
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To install the Remake mod, drop the EAW-Remake_Light folder inside the Mods folder.
For steam and GOG I have included shortcuts to launch the mod from, use these!
If you use steam, don’t launch the mod through the regular game. Use the shortcut. Edit the shortcut if need be, but use it.
If you use any other game version than steam, apply the 4 gb patch to the games executable, this prevents the game from crashing by running out of memory.
Don’t forget it! And also don’t forget to enjoy your time playing the mod!

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(Quelle: https://www.moddb.com)