Empire At War: Re V. IV Beta

Eine aus unserer Sicht sehr interessante Mod für Star Wars: Empire at War (Forces of Corruption) möchten wir euch nun auch zum Download anbieten. Die Rede ist von Empire At War: Re, welche alle drei Fraktionen um neue Einheiten erweitert, zusätzliche Maps anbietet und das Universum mit neuen Ideen kontinuierlich verbessert. Beispielsweise wurden die Größen der Einheiten neu gestaltet und die Schildeffekte bei Treffern verschönert, um das Gesamtbild des Spiels authentischer erscheinen zu lassen. Wir empfehlen euch die Mod einfach mal auszuprobieren!


New version of the mod! The 4gb allocation patch is now included in the archive for easy access. The archive includes the mineral patch fix.

If you enjoyed my mod before, you will really enjoy this new version with all the changes I’ve made. As usual there’s a thousand other things I’d love to add, but honestly the mod is at a point where it’s so playable there’s no reason not to just release something other than polishing. And the way I polish things, it’d take another 4 years before I’ve „polished“ the entire mod.

I’ve added several new skirmish maps, you can find them under the custom map section. For whatever reason some of the maps keep adding weird and random symbols to the map names whenever I save them in the map editor, so some will have some strange names…or show up twice in the map menu. If anyone has a clue why it does this, I’d love to hear it. This black magic is beyond my ability to understand.

All the Galactic Conquest maps from the add-on are also included. This file is all you need to play the full mod as it exists now.

So here it is. Have fun guys. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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(Quelle: http://www.moddb.com)