Empire At War Remake V. 0.9 + 0.95 Patch

Noch von uns nachzutragen ist die neuste Version der Empire At War Remake – Modifikation, die vor allem in Sachen Präsentation deutlich zugelegt hat. So wurde bspw. ein neues Kamera-System integriert, welches die Gefechte intensiver gestaltet. Weiterhin konzentrierte man sich auf viele Effekte, um so noch mehr Star Wars – Feeling versprühen zu können (schnellere / größere Laser, Waffen werden nacheinander statt einzeln abgefeuert, usw.).


This patch will make the game feel like new, trust me. Major changes. Just tremendous changes. These have been the best changes in the history of changes, maybe ever. Build a wall around the Consortium and make the Rebel scum pay for it.

Changelog: I don’t do changelogs. Here’s a summary anyway:

Major changes include an entirely new camera system that’ll make the game feel a lot more cinematic! This is really a massive change. Additionally, new projectile sizes and speed. Turbolasers and ion cannons have been sped up. Population cap changed to 50 from 40. Fighter AI has changed so now they’re more useful.

Smaller changes include:
Fighters like the TIE Interceptor and X wing now have fighters in their squadrons that fire all weapons at once instead of one after the other. So some X wings will now have quad linked laser fire instead of firing each laser individually. Firepower remains unchanged, same amount of fire per sec.

X wing now fires a proton torpedo. Purely for show, it only does 15% damage of a normal proton torpedo. NOW SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

Several xplosion particles have been slightly sized down. ARC-170 now fires green lasers instead of red. Annihilator (Purifier) is now 50 pop points to reflect its power level with the increased projectile speed, its fighter garrison has been increased to compensate. Weaken enemy from the Sund Heart now has a dope new particle effect, as does the Aggressor Destroyers plasma and ion blast cannons. Menu battle now has a Titan instead of the Purifier so it loads faster. Fuck slow loading. TIE fire sound effect now no longer ear shattering. Consortium level 5 starbase now fires missiles. Thrawn’s Assault ability now less OP in combination with regular intensify firepower ability. Luke Skywalker and Rogue Squadrons X wings now do a lot more damage. Still get creamed by diamond boron missiles. Don’t fly your heroes into diamond boron missiles. I feel like this is a no brainer but I keep hearing people bitch about it. Escort carrier now more expensive to compensate for faster turbolaser shots. Some text changes have been made to reflect the new info.

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(Quelle: http://www.moddb.com)