German Infantry Skins V. 3.0 Open Beta

Vom bekannten CoH-Modder Halftrack kommt ein Skinpack für die deutsche Infanterie. Die Skins passen dabei eher zu der Zeitepoche als die Originalen vom Spiel und sind daher nicht nur einheitlich im Grau gehalten. Beachtet bitte die nachfolgenden Installationshilfe!

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Unfortunately, they only work in „-dev“-mode yet.

If you already have a mod, just unzip the data folder into your mods root folder.

otherwise, unzip into: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes 2\CoH2

then create a shortcut to reliccoh2.exe on your desktop. right-click and select properties.
add “ -dev“ to the target line. Notice the space before last quotation mark and -dev. So it looks like this:

„C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes 2\RelicCoH2.exe“ -dev

Press Apply and OK. Start the game with the new shortcut.


I already tried to make a few infantry skins for CoH2.
Especially the german summer uniforms needed a bit of realism.
While the grenadiers looked much too modern in my eyes, the
weapon crews were much too fantasy and more like WW1 uniforms.

So these are some new skins, converting them all to Wehrmacht soldiers.

second version, added medic, exchanged grenadiers with a plain field grey version.
Replaced WH Panzergrenadiers with Waffen SS outfit. Added medic & removed soviet team colors

Third version
Includes summer skins for Pioneers, grenadiers ( SS Peadot this time ) MG, Mortar,Sniper, Medic, Weapon Crews. ( Pak etc )
as well Winter Skins for Grenadiers, Panzergrenadiers, Pioneers, MGs and Weapon Crews.

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