GTA III – Ultimate Winter Mod 1.0

Spieler, die manchmal noch alte Klassiker, wie Grand Theft Auto III, mal wieder aus der Schublade herausholen und trotzdem etwas neues dabei erleben möchten, gucken sich natürlich nach Mods für das entsprechende Spiel um. Für Grand Theft Auto III gibt es nun eine gigantische Mod, die das Spiel im Winter erscheinen lässt!

Aber nicht nur die Texturen wurden überarbeitet, sondern auch die Autos, Waffen und Missionen. So gibt es insgesamt 83 neue Aufträge, viele neue Waffen und die passenden Sounds sowie neue Autos. Auch die versteckten Pakete wurden neu verteilt, so dass man die gigantische Stadt nochmal komplett neu entdecken kann.

Die Ultimate Winter Mod könnt ihr euch unter diesem Link downloaden!

GTA III : Ultimate Winter is combination of 3 GTA III mods:Frosted Winter, Snow City, Liberty City Twenty Ten. It combines best map, script, CLEO, modelling, texture, audio features into one giant mod. Also, exclusively for this project new model, map changes and script tweaks will be added. More detailed info will be posted very soon.

It’s early 2002s. After the death of Don Salvatore Leone, Tony Cipriani took the leadership over the familly as the traditions say that a new don is ellected from the capos. And Tony was the most experienced of them all. But this soon had to be changed as Joey Leone had to become the new don on behalf of Salvatore’s last will. But there were two conditions. 1 – Joey had to create a familly. So he married Misty. 2 – Joey had to make a big deal which would bring profit to the familly. But then Tony betrays Joey and sends him to death. Joey survives. He’s on the run now, cannot return home, cannot trust enyone. Only one thing is on his mind now. Revenge…

NEW SCRIPT. This includes:
83 new missions that consit of:
69 totally new story missions (including 18 property missions)
14 new side missions
6 buyable properties
20 old + 10 new unique jumps
20 old + 10 new rampages
100 hidden packages in new locations
new weapon, health and armor locations
Winter Textures
Weapons and weapon sounds
Winter effects and sounds
Menu screens and sounds, splash screens
Intro videos
Radio stations
Cars and peds
And many other features…

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