GTA IV – Ultimate Conversion Mod Nr. 1 V. 2.0 Final

Noch ein paar Wochen und dann steht Grand Theft Auto V auch endlich für PC-Spieler bereit. Wer in der Zwischenzeit noch einmal in die Welt von GTA IV eintauchen möchte, dabei aber die Grafik aufpolieren und vielleicht noch einige Spielspaß verbessernde Elemente (u.a. First-Person oder Bullettime) haben will, kann sich die Ultimate Conversion Mod Nr. 1 genauer anschauen.

Einen guten Eindruck erhält man von der Mod, wenn man das unten stehende Video verfolgt. Wer die Ultimate Conversion Mod Nr. 1 dann gerne ausprobieren möchte, kann sich unter diesem Link die Datei herunterladen.



-iCEnhancer 3.0 [Patch1-REV2] (modified + more performance + timecylce-Fix) + „Extra Textures“ by Hayssam Keilany
-Integrated EFLC vehicles (see below for more detail)
-RealizmIV 6.2 (used some parts of it: Better Effects, Animations and Textures, colored Radio-HUD …)
-HD Road Textures – unknown author
-HD Vegetation Textures (summer pack) by BisonSales
-HD Textures (Roadside, Street-objects …) by DKT70, A. Fauzi, Dpeasant3
-More Liberty V3 (more pedestrians) by boow
-Realistic Driving ’n Flying 2.7 by Killatomate
-Full Car Xenon-Light Mod
-RealismSeries Sounds (Rain & Thunder, Helicopter, Subway) by ces
-Real NewYork-City Emergency Sirens
-Realistic Weapon Sounds by DI_Ghostie_ID
-Weapon Realism Mod 1.1 by MattyDienhoff
-WaterFix for AMD / ATi Radeon Graphic Cards
-Many Other Better Improvements/Effects/Textures like better Water, Skydome, Coronas, Blood-, Explosion-, Rain- and Fire-Effects, colored Weapon-HUD, nicer HUD ….

-First Person Mod (double-tap view-button to activate) by k3162
-SlowMotion(Bullettime)-Script (press x to activate) by The SkyReaper aka LunaXTec
-Bullet Impact Euphoria (ragdoll-mod) V1.2 by Prof_Farnsworth
-TrafficLoad (more random traffic) by ikt
-TrafficSpawner V0.6 (spawns rare vehicles) by cp702

– Taxi, Bus, Police cars and Police-Maverick in more color-variations (+blue Taxis like in GTA V, +black/white Police cars and Police Maverick)
– NYPD/NYFD instead of LCPD/LCFD-Logos for Police, Ambulance and FireTruck
– „NewYork-Helitours“ Livery for Tourmaverick
– Deleted unused DLC-bikes to save a few megabyte


I have replaced some boring, cheap vehicles with great ones from EFLC:
Blista -> Tampa
Stratum -> Buffalo
Dilettante -> Schafter-Stretch Limo
Solair -> Regina
Ingot -> Gang-Burrito
Fortune -> Towtruck
Willard -> Slamvan
Sabre2 (rusty) -> Open-bed Yankee

Replaced bikes:
NRG900 -> Bati-custom
Bobber -> Angel
Hellfury -> Diabolus
Zombie -> Lycan

Updated vehicles with newer ones from EFLC:
Cavalcade, Schafter, Dukes, Stallion, PCJ, Sanchez, Faggio


TrafficLoad-script mixes up traffic, you will see more different vehicles and also vehicles in areas where they are usally not spawned (for example Trucks in Algonquin or expensive cars in poor-people-areas)

Furthermore i added a modified TrafficSpawn-script so that there will be vehicles spawning which usally never spawn in stock-GTA4-Traffic. These ones are:

Ambulance and Firetruck
NOOSE-Patriot and Car
NOOSE and Police-Bus
Feroci2 (FlyUS-vehicle)
Romero (hearse)
Securicar (at all times of day)

The emergency-vehicles are driving sometimes with sirens-on through the city.

All-in-all this enhances traffic and atmosphere a lot.



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