Hearts of Iron IV – Mod-Empfehlung: Fatherland 1964

Der Ein oder Andere wird vielleicht mit dem Titel der Mod bereits etwas anfangen können. Es handelt sich um ein alternatives Szenario, wo das Deutsche Reich den Weltkrieg gewonnen hat und zum größten Teil Europa beherrscht. Allerdings sind sowohl Amerika als auch der Rest der Welt weiterhin frei und versuchen auf ihre Art mit der veränderten Situation umzugehen.

Fatherland basiert auf den Roman von Robert Harris, welcher auch als Film erschienen ist. Die Mod fügt neben der neuen Ausgangslage auch viele Events, neue Technologien sowie Ressourcen hinzu und wird momentan sehr oft aktualisiert. Der Autor versucht zudem in der finalen Version insgesamt 10.000 neue Ereignisse zu integrieren, so dass durchaus interessante Wendungen eintreten können.

Interessiert? Dann abonniert die Fatherland 1964 Mod für Hearts of Iron IV einfach über den Steam Workshop.


From the creator of the very popular Emperor of the World mod comes a new project.

The year is 1964, but it is a year very unlike ours. As an aging Hitler refuses to nominate a successor, the Chinese communists continue to threaten Asian security, and the United States grapples with domestic unrest. No longer focused on conquering through brute force, Fatherland 1964 challenges you to feel like more of a leader and an ideology, not a nation. Spread the greatness of Nazism, Fascism, Democracy, Communism or the Third Way throughout the planet with espionage, proxy wars and propaganda. Currently playable from 1964 to 1992, a new tech tree allows you to dominate the battlefield, whether it be land, air or sea, in third-world proxy wars or in the extremely dangerous scenario of the Cold War turning hot. Can you beat the odds and bring your ideology to glory?

Fatherland 1964 is based on Robert Harris‘ alternate history novel (Fatherland), in which the German Reich has managed to conquer most of Europe, but the Americas and much of the world remains free from their iron grip. President Kennedy, Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong are in a three-way battle of propaganda.


– My goal for this mod is to have at least 10,000+ events in total, with content for every single nation from Germany to the Indian kingdom of Sikkim.
– Enjoy 127 unique American election events from 1964 to 1988, with over 50 possible Presidents in total. Will it be President Reagan, Chisholm, Trump?


– Currently Fatherland only has a new generic focus tree. However, this is in no way alike its vanilla counterpart. With enough focuses for almost 30 years, you’ll never run out of something to do.
– All major nations will be getting focus trees as well as some minors


– Huge expanded tech tree from infantry to industry. In progress is a space race tech tree, which will allow either side of the Cold War to beat down the other with propaganda (First satellite, first moon landing). Or maybe a minor player will take the prize? Bulgaria first on the moon?


– Alongside economic laws, mobilisation etc. you will now be able to decide on your overall foreign policy in the Cold War. Each different policy gives various positives and negatives, so choose wisely.


– Fatherland adds two new resources to Hearts of Iron. Uranium and concrete will play an important part in different areas of your nation’s inevitable supremacy. Currently their features haven’t been fully implemented so don’t worry about them. I expect to have those aforementioned features completed within a week.

Fatherland 1964 offers a unique experience that will grow over time. As with my previous mod Emperor of the World I plan to release possible 4-5 updates every day with great content for my subscribers.

Credit for a significant portion of the tech tree goes to @Greatexperiment with his Expanded Technology + Industry + Equipment mod


(Quelle: http://steamcommunity.com)