Kane’s Wrath Reloaded 1.8 / 1.55

Für Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars gibt es die Mod Kane’s Wrath Reloaded die den kompletten Content aus dem Addon Kanes Rache für das Hauptspiel umsetzt. Ein Vorteil ergibt sich vor allem deshalb, weil man die vielen Custom Maps so auch für das eigentliche Addon nutzen kann. Wer zudem gerne zusätzlichen Inhalt in Form von neuen Einheiten/Gebäude haben möchte, kann sie die umfangreichere Version herunterladen (1.8).

Downloaden könnt ihr die Mod 1.55 unter diesem Link (nur Content aus Kanes Rache) sowie die Version 1.8 unter diesem Link (Content aus Kanes Rache und zusätzliche Inhalte).

The very final release for KW players who wanted just KW playable content.

This last full version release of the mod contains only the remaining content of Kane’s Wrath (not all other object content outside of KW). Most of the balance and new changes including the fixed bugs have been modified since versions 1.8, 1.7 and 1.6. No new units are added in this version.

Here are the last changes for KW Reloaded 1.55:

Global fixes:
• Fixed several issues on which epic units got extra weapon (sub-object) bones when built on the field. Now they are restricted to the weapon bones those epic units are specifically equipped with.
• Fixed an issue on which the Nod Armageddon Bomber cannot return to the Hangar.
• Fixed the missing back booster engines for the Firehawk when moving, attacking and/or using the Stratosphere ability. Credits to Ravendark for this. EA did not include them on its initial C&C3; release.
• Fixed an issue on which the Adaptive Armor ability on Titan and Mammoth Tank winds up alternating color shades due to using the wrong shader.
• Fixed Mutant Ironback’s animations and is now replaced with a better punch weapon.
• Fixed Behemoth’s animation when entering out from the War Factory.
• Fixed an issue on which previous new support powers did not show up in-game since version 0.7 due to flag coding. However the Ion Storm support power has been removed until in another C&C3; mod release.
• Fixed Behemoth’s animation when entering out from the War Factory.
• Fixed an issue on which epic units got extra weapon (sub-object) bones when built on the field. Now they are restricted to the weapon bones those epic units are specifically equipped with.
• Fixed an issue where built aircraft with unlimited ammo cannot go to a rally point from an aircraft structure.
• Fixed an issue where Emissaries cannot be built in Black Hand/Marked of Kane War Factory and/or Redeemer Engineering Facility.
• Fixed tracer guns visibility for the Wolverine due to a change of a new weapon template, enough to see more than one tracer gun fire.
• Fixed an issue where a SAM Rocket Bunker does not show a Quad Turret even if upgraded.
• Fixed an issue where Hardpoints upgrade does not work with newly built Orcas, Zone Orcas and Firehawks.
• Fixed an issue where the Firehawk does not start with its default weapon.
• Fixed an issue on which Hallucinogenic Grenades doesn’t work for the Black Hand Confessor and Elite Confessor.
• Fixed some portrait icons that were oversized since the last release.

Global Changes
• Power usage is reverted to C&C3;/KW standards, meaning that units don’t need power to drain and use.
• New upgrades, support powers and unit abilities costs/time are reverted to C&C3;/KW standards.
• Removed unit limit build for all units, meaning you can spam units unlimited again.
• New universal font change for this entire mod (menus and in-game), Eurostile URW. This font also needs to be installed in “C:\Windows\Fonts” (or equivalent) in order for the font to work in-game or else you will wind up getting the Arial Unicode MS font seen instead. Bug issue: It appears the only way to have this font totally working is by installing as many different types of Eurostile fonts (if you can download some of them as free) into Windows. I previously tried using Eurostile Next LT Pro opentype font and it doesn’t work, meaning that custom opentype fonts don’t work for C&C3; and possibly later C&C games.
• All structures (except fake and defensive structures) will have limited radius gap space to build for other structures.
• Added Kane’s Wrath and some RA3 ambient sounds into the mod as well as KW and some RA3 roads/sidewalks. (All usable for Worldbuilder).
• Civilian units that were not selectable in-game are now selectable and can be destroyed in battle. (Usable for SP custom missions)
• GDI Fuel Depot destruction damage and radius increased. This also applies to the Oil Derrick in a different way.
• Satellite Launch Facility now has a capture return of 500 credits and can see the entire battlefield radius up to 600000, removing the shroud.
• Previously missing experience level coding for some structures have been added in.
• Some missing FX art files and other art files have been re-added.
• Missing module IDs to some units and structures have been added.
• Re-defined color names and modified other defines in the mod.str file.
• Replaced a shader of the file shadow.fxo from C&C4; to C&C3;. This will make shadows look better in-game.
• The C&C3; X360 Tutorial Map has been re-compiled for faster loading.
• Added three new colors making a total of 20 house colors to choose from in MP/Skirmish mode.
• Changed MP Game Rules: credit minimum at 5000 to a maximum of 100000.
• Any new units or any sub-faction units that cannot use “Call For Transport” can now use it without the pre-requisite of a Air Field or Air Tower. This applies to all factions.
• Action music will not be played unless 1000 units are involved.
• Added back 44 KW skirmish maps that have been re-compiled for faster loading. The 44th official KW skirmish map added in happens to be a re-modification of Black’s Big Battle into a 8-player map called as Black’s Biggest Battle, good for a 4 vs 4 match.

GDI Changes (*applies to all GDI factions)
• New Support Powers: Railgun Accelerator (only works with Mammoth Tanks, Titans and maybe Zone Troopers, NOT Predator Tanks), Supersonic Air Attack, Orbital Strike, Zone Raider Drop Pods. Stats remain the same. Those tier-4 support powers require Space Command Uplink.*
• Added buildable barricaded walls instead of cheap thin walls. Those barricaded walls can be destructible.*
• Removed Smoke Grenade ability for the Riflemen Squad due to a tracer fire bug that isn’t visible on the battlefield and from a garrisoned structure.*

Steel Talons Changes
• Combat Engineer can now capture and revive fallen husks of Annihilator Tripod, Avatar, Juggernaut, Behemoth, Purifier and Reaper Tripod. (also applies to GAF faction)
• Removed Zone Raider Drop Pods support power.

ZOCOM Changes
• Removed Railgun Accelerator support power. (not necessary for this faction)
• ZOCOM Composite Armor upgrade now re-enabled for Rifleman Squad.

NOD Changes (*applies to all NOD factions)
• New Support Powers: Magnetic Mines, Bait Temple, Tiberium Vein Detonation. Stats remain the same. Those tier-4 support powers require the Tiberium Liquidation Facility.* Bug issue: Magnetic Mines are missing mines thrown off from the drop off point and Bait Temple doesn’t activate its nuke when destroyed.
• Confessor Cabal is now a tier-2 unit and can fire at long range to compete it out against the Sniper Team.
• Power Signature Scan support power has been returned. Requires Operations Center to be built.
• Removed Master Computer Countermeasures upgrade slot for Tech Assembly Plant. Now works as Support Power.
• Added Avatar Mechanics upgrade to the Tech Assembly Plant where it costs 4000 in 2:30 min. It equips all Avatars an extra laser beam, flamethrower, stealth detect and stealth itself. Also it boosts Avatars 15% more armor and health. Avatar cost increased to 2500/25.
• Flame Tank can now use the ability to plant mines on the field. Also applies to Black Hand faction.
• Tiberium Core Missiles is added to be a tier-3 upgrade for all Nod factions. This upgrade increases 25% more damage applying to Attack Bikes, Stealth Tanks, Mantises and Rocket Turrets. Applies to all factions.

Black Hand Changes:
• Charged Particle Beam is added to be a tier-3 upgrade which gains 25% more damage from Elite Confessor Squad, Venoms and Shredder Turrets with charged particle beams.
• Fixed an issue on the Purifier’s animation when Purifying Flame is upgraded.
• Redeemer is now armed with Rocket and Flame turrets.
• Removed EMP Blast upgrade and Master Countermeasures from this faction.

Marked of Kane Changes:
• Supercharged Particle Beam is added to be a tier-3 upgrade which increases attack damage by 25% applying to the Enlightened, Venoms and Shredder Turrets. Offensive Capabilities upgrade is now restricted to Scorpion Tanks, Tyrant Tanks, Avengers and Salamanders. EMP Blast upgrade moved to tier-2. Master Countermeasures ability removed from this faction.
• Tiberium Trooper now has the Cybernetic Legs upgrade. Attack damage increased slightly.
• Redeemer is now armed with Rocket and Tiberium Stream turrets.

Scrin Changes (*applies to all Scrin factions)
• New Support Powers: Ichor Seed, Infestation, Devourer Swarm, Temporal Wormhole and Overlord’s Wrath (??). Stats remain the same. Those tier-4 support powers (except Temporal Wormhole) require the Signal Transmitter.*
• Buzzer Swarm support power has been returned as a tier-2 support power.*
• Added the Anti-Air Mechapede unit that can shoot aircraft and ground units. Original Mechapede is to be renamed as Anti-Ground Mechapede. This also applies to Reaper-17.
• Storm Column’s primary attack now affects to all other Scrin faction units.
• Viseroids spawn and healing from Corrupter’s toxin weapon now applies to all other Scrin faction units.
• Traveler-59 Life Form Plant now requires power usage in order to be used.

(Quelle: http://www.moddb.com/)