Knights of the Old Empire 1 – Knights V. 1.0 Hotfix

Für die Star Wars: Empire at War – Mod Knights of the Old Empire 1 – Knights kam ein Hotfix heraus. Dieser behebt das Problem, dass einige Einheiten der Allianz im GC-Modus nicht angezeigt wurden. Beachtet zudem die Anweisungen im Changelog, um den Hotfix richtig installieren zu können!

This fixes the issue where some Alliance units were not showing up in GC. please place the data folder in the Knights_Of_The_Old_Empire1 folder. For those asking how to istall the mod, i’m sorry but i cannot get anymore clear on it beyond what was in the readme. If you still have issues with making it run i cannot be of any help. Also most of the crashing people are talking about are things that i do not experience and due to that reason i cannot fix something i cannot see as wrong. I do have crashing when leaving a GC but that’s not really an awful time for a crash since i can save before leaving it.

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