Legendary Launcher V. 1.2.1

Der Legendary Launcher, womit es möglich ist die einzelnen Mass Effect – Teile in einer beliebigen Sprache zu starten, ist nun in der Version 1.2.1 erschienen. Neu ist die Unterstützung der Original-Trilogie (keine Legendary Edition) und von Befehlszeilenargumenten (siehe auch Changelog).

A launcher that allows you to launch any of the Mass Effect LE games with selectable language as well as non-legendary edition Mass Effect games albeit without language selection

You may use the pre-compiled custom launcher EXE, or if you prefer you can compile it yourself from the c# source code located at its Github

Backup your original MassEffectLauncher.exe

Copy everything inside the archive to Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\Launcher

Replace if prompted

The launcher is console based and works by first prompting you for which of the three mass effect games you wish to launch , and afterwards asks you for the game path and your language

Command line arguments :
For command line arguments the format is as this
-ME(Game Number) -yes or -no ( For force feedback enable or disable) -Language Code and add -silent if you desire no output
The above is  valid for legendary edition versions of the games
For legacy games use
-OLDME(Game Number) add -silent if you desire no output

For language selections you can use the following codes

INT –  Universal language code for english in all games

Mass Effect 1 Language codes

FE- English Voice-Over ,  FR – French Voice-Over

GE – English Voice-Over , DE – German Voice-Over

ES – English Voice-Over

IE – English Voice-Over, IT – Italian Voice-Over

RU – English Voice-Over , RA – Russian Voice-Over

PL – English Voice-Over , PLPC – Polish Voice-Over

JA – English Voice-Over

Mass Effect 2  and 3 Language Codes

FRE – English Voice-Over , FRA – French Voice-Over

DEE – English Voice-Over , DEU – German Voice-Over

ESN – English Voice-Over

ITE – English Voice-Over, ITA – Italian Voice-Over

RUS – English Voice-Over

POE – English Voice-Over ( Exists only in Mass Effect 2) , POL – English Voice-Over in 3 , Polish Voice-Over in 2

JPN – English Voice-Over

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