ME2LE Nova Rebalance + Class Rebalance V. 3.0

Von ME2LE Nova Rebalance ist nun eine Version veröffentlicht worden, die mit den bekannten ME3Tweaks Mod Manager kompatibel ist. Außerdem gibt es zusätzlich noch eine weitere Datei im Download, die ein paar Änderungen an den bekannten Charakterklassen vornimmt. Beispielsweise hat der Soldier nun keine Kryo-Munition mehr, dafür aber Tech-Armor, die zusätzlich auch einen größeren Explosionsradius sowie Kraftstärke besitzt, dafür aber weniger Schildstärke liefert. Alle weiteren Änderungen, besonders bei dem Class Rebalance – Teil der Mod, stehen im Changelog.

This is a coalesced edit for ME2 LE, which improves accuracy and responsiveness of all guns, smooths out the difficulty curve, and integrates More Appearances for ME2LE. Separated inis for merging changes available.
New class rebalance available.

This is a DLC mod for ME2 LE, which improves accuracy and responsiveness of all guns, smooths out the difficulty curve, and integrates More Appearances for ME2LE. It was balanced over the course of one top to bottom playthrough with a character brought from ME1. There is also a class rebalance to use in complement with the main file.

Key points:
All guns have been rebalanced to feel different from each other, have a semi-unique utility, and be viable during a whole playthrough.
Damage reduction in cover, while leaning from cover, and while sprinting decreased.
Shield recharge rate bonus in cover reduced slightly.
Sprint max duration and recharge speed substantially increased in combat, increased further out of combat.
Squad and enemy shield, power duration, recharge, health, and aim changes in each difficulty have been smoothed out. Each difficulty is more of a linear step up in difficulty from the previous difficulty.
Nova does not currently implement a heat-hybrid system. I find that the game’s timing just works out the most naturally with reloading.
Player max speed increased slightly.
Shields blocking powers has been disabled.
You can shoot dead bodies now.
Out of ammo weapon swap disabled.
I’m not exactly sure what „min score“ and „max score“ do, (I suspect that they might determine whether enemies attack Shepherd or other targets instead) but they’re normally 1-1000. Vanilla insanity difficulty sets it to 500-500. I set it to 50-1000.
More Appearances for ME2LE has been integrated.
Ship speed on the galaxy map has been increased.
Total planet resource count doubled.
ME1 character import resource bonuses substantially increased, ME1 credit carryover increased to 50%, paragon/renegade holdover bonuses increased by 25%.
Backslash (\) has been mapped to increase game speed while held, for unskippable dialog and cutscenes.
Skip conversation line buttons have been changed to only skip, and not select dialog options.

Weapon changes:

Many of my favorite weapons to use actually changed with this rebalance! I suggest trying every weapon out again, many of them feel notably different than vanilla. Since many of them were buffed to make them more satisfying, I also suggest playing on a higher difficulty than you usually do. Between your weapons and powers bypassing shields, you have a lot of good tools.

Personal favorites list:

Original favorites:
Didn’t like SMGs at all
Nuke Launcher

New favorites:
Collector Assault Rifle
Scimitar/Geth Pulse Shotgun
Mantis, surprisingly
Nuke/Black Hole Gun

Assault Rifles:

M-8 Avenger
Good suppression weapon, high mag size, fairly accurate. Legitimately fun and useful to use now!
Clip size increased, spread tightened up, damage increased.

M-15 Vindicator
Satisfying and quick firing, strips shields well.
Damage increased, min burst refire time dropped really low, exchanged standard weapon close range damage bonus for bonus at longer ranges.

M-76 Revenant
High magazine size, medium-wide spread, faster firing rate.

M-96 Mattock
Overall damage and magazine size increased a little, damage at short range reduced, damage at range improved.
*I did something a little special with the Mattock, since I found it’s impacts a little unsatisfying: I halved it’s damage, doubled it’s ammo usage, clip size, set it’s rof really high, and set it to 2 round burst, resulting in two rounds firing at basically the same time. Makes the weapon feel a bit more satisfying.

Collector Assault Rifle
Very accurate, medium spread, unrelenting. Medium clip size, great at staying targeted at heads.

Geth Pulse Rifle
Barely tweaked, this one was really good already. Benefits strongly from ammo types.


M-23 Katana
Large clip, will refire slowly if trigger is held, damage buffed a bit.

M-27 Scimitar
Fires faster when trigger held than when pulled repeatedly.

M-300 Claymore
Short range damage buffed, long range damage nerfed.

M-22 Eviscerator
Fire rate nearly quadrupled, clip size increased by 1, recoil increased, spread reduced, standard weapon bonus damage at close range exchanged for damage bonus at medium range, max spare ammo increased.

Geth Plasma Shotgun
Bonus damage for hitting multiple projectiles massively increased, base damage increased slightly, charged damage increased substantially, clip size upped to 6, max spare ammo increased.

Sniper Rifles:

M-92 Mantis
Damage buffed slightly, clip size increased to 2.

M-29 Incisor
Recoil reduced considerably, damage buffed slightly.

M-97 Viper
*Actually more satisfying for classes other than Infiltrator. Auto-time slowdown when aiming serves to de-emphasize the weapon’s fast firing rate and good clip size.
Recoil reduced, damage increased, fire rate increased, clip size increased.

M-98 Widow
Damage increased mildly, long range damage increased, reliably 1-hits enemies around the torso.

*I gotta be honest, I don’t really like the auto pistols. I think the Locust is really fun, but the rest don’t really suit my tastes for what I like to use. Any recommendations for further tweaks to the first two are welcomed. The range damage modifiers were thrown in at the last second and not really tested, please let me know if there’s anywhere in particular that they excel or abjectly fail.

M-4 Shuriken
Recoil reduced, spread decreased substantially, rate of fire increased.

M-9 Tempest
Spread and recoil reduced, damage increased slightly, damage at short and medium range improved, damage at long range reduced.

M-12 Locust
Fires slowly, but accurately and strongly. Chews healthbars at a satisfying rate.
Fire rate heavily reduced, damage substantially increased.

Heavy Pistols:

M-3 Predator
Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, very reliable damage output inside the max crosshair size.
Damage increased, spread decreased, automatic fire rate increased.

M-6 Carnifex
Punchy and very satisfying, feels like it could actually handle a krogan on it’s own, like in the adverts.
Damage increased, clip increased slightly.

M-5 Phalanx
Damage increased slightly, recoil increased, damage at very long distances improved.

Heavy Weapons:
*I didn’t do a ton of balancing around the ammo counts. If you’re somebody who uses them readily and can attest to how ideal each one’s ammo is, please let me know.
Grenade Launcher
Fire rate heavily increased, great for spraying a crowd with quick firing grenades.

Missile Launcher
Damage heavily increased, fire rate heavily decreased, max ammo decreased.

Range and firing rate increased slightly.

Black Hole Launcher
Damage increased substantially.

Freeze Gun
Total ammo count increased slightly, damage increased.

Nuke Launcher
Damage increased. I don’t remember if you could readily kill yourself with it before, but get some cover or distance now, cause you’ll get toasted if you’re anywhere close to it.

Arc Projector
Damage increased, number of arcs increased.

Particle Beam
Damage increased slightly.

Class Rebalance:
Removed cryo ammo, added tech armor
Tech armor explosion radius increased, force increased, shield strength reduced

Throw removed, cryo ammo added, incinerate added

Tech armor explosion damage increased substantially

Install via Mod Manager

Incompatible with any other mod changing the same values.

Most of this testing and balancing was done using an Infiltrator, on Hardcore difficulty. I changed the class loadouts to test the heavy pistol and shotguns.
If people want it, I’ll probably be down to set max probes really high and fuel consumption to basically nothing. I don’t think those are very engaging mechanics, so if people want it, I’ll just nullify them as much as possible.
Included is a Merge folder, which contains the files that get packed into Coalesced.ini for this mod. The DLC weapon inis stay in their respective folders.
xx I’m considering trying out a version where player, squad, and enemy weapon damages are all equalized, for „realism“. Might be nuts, might be too busted to be fun. xx
I saw another Coalesced mod that adds recoil to AI firing patterns. I like that idea, but I don’t know how soon I’ll get around to looking into it myself.

When providing feedback about balancing, please keep in mind how far along you are in the upgrade paths.
If there’s any non-Infiltrator classes or powers that synergize with weapons in very exploitable ways, I’d like to hear about it.

Heat-Hybrid version?
Very tentative maybe, I might get around to it if I feel like it. If someone wants to tune up a version of Nova for it and wants to contribute to it being uploaded here, I’ll give it a quick test and add you as co-author. If you prefer, feel free to post it on your own page, please just credit me. *I would probably increase heavy weapon ammo alongside them, so that they’re no longer a particularly limited resource.
All classes use all weapons?
I think the heavy weapons are super fun, so unless the xx note above ^ pans out, then no.
Class/Squad weapon loadout changes?
I personally change Infiltrator to Sniper/AR/Shotgun/Heavy Pistol/Heavy Weapon when I play that class(using a save editor). Further than that, I haven’t really looked into tweaking the other classes. I’ve also never actually gotten a sense of squad weapon damage output, so I don’t really know what tweaks they could use.
ME1/3 version?
Probably not ME1, I was generally pretty happy with how LE changed the way that game feels. Maybe some difficulty tweaks for it, but I don’t know about any weapon stuff.

Feel free to make a variant of this or whatever, just please credit me. It’s nice to know that releasing this to the public is appreciated.

More Appearances for ME2LE by Mistyvail

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