ME2LE One Probe All Resources V. 0.0.1

Mit dieser Mod werden in Mass Effect 2 (Legendary Edition) alle Ressourcen und Anomalien mit einer einzigen Probe beim Scannen auf einem Planeten aktiviert. Dementsprechend entschärft sich das lästige Scannen von Planeten.


ME2LE One Probe All Resources – v0.0.1

For ME:LE version updated on May 17th, 2021. May not work in newer versions.

Enables all planet resources and anomalies from a single probe. Probe speed increased by 100%.
Should work; however not fully tested in a complete playthrough.


  • Must be manually installed
  • Extract mod zip file
  • Find SFXGame.pcc;
  • LE_GAME_FOLDER\Game\ME2\BioGame\CookedPCConsole\

  • Backup SFXGame.pcc; rename it to something else
  • Copy the included mod SFXGame.pcc


  • Repair game with Steam or Origin application

Modification done by changing SFXGameModeOrbital::ScanDist to 50,000 using the SFXGameModeOrbital::DoPatchDefaultPropertyUpdates() function.

Such a large file for such simple changes. I’m sure someone else will turn this into a small patch once LegendaryExplorer is ready.

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