Mod stärkt die Fähigkeiten in Mass Effect 3 (LE)

Mit der Mod Make Powers Suck Less werden die biotischen und technischen Fähigkeiten (damit auch der Granatenschaden) in Mass Effect 3 (LE) um ein vielfaches erhöht, um der eigentlichen Lore des Spiels entgegenzukommen. Der Autor empfiehlt das Spiel im Schwierigkeitsgrad „wahnsinnig“ zu spielen, damit weiterhin eine Herausforderung existiert, da die Gegner sonst sehr schnell auseinandergenommen werden können.

Außerdem wurde die Kraftstoffeffizienz und der Systemscanner der Normandy deutlich verbessert.

Die Mod kann unter diesem Link heruntergeladen werden. Weiteres steht auch im Changelog.


Makes the powers suck less in game.

I’ve always felt that there was a disconnect between the in game lore descriptions of biotic and tech powers compared to how they’re represented in game. After thinking about it for a bit, I realized all the powers are kind of ass and lack a lot of punch. So, I made them suck less. I multiplied the force on most powers, made grenades actually good, made biotic powers actually throw people around, and overall just increased the stats on almost every power in the game. This is a personal mod to make the game into what I think is fun. I run on Insane to balance out my newfound pulsating biotic hammer cock. I recommend you do the same. If you like games where you can take down enemies quickly while also getting gunned down relatively quickly yourself, this could be for you. Or, if you just want to run around and do some reaping of your own, be my guest. Also includes better fuel efficiency and a much better system scanner. I find that shit kind of tedious as well. Everything else is unchanged.

Install Instructions:

  1. Make a backup of your Coalesced.bin file in your „Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME3\BioGame\CookedPCConsole“ directory
  2. Copy my file over
  3. Enjoy ass blasting the reapers in their sentient synthetic sphincters