Mount & Blade: Warband – A Clash of Kings V. 1.5

Für Spieler, die Mount & Blade: Warband spielen und zufällig auch Game of Thrones lieben, ist die Mod A Clash of Kings empfehlenswert! Passend zum TV-Vorbild wird dementsprechend auch das vorhandene Reich angepasst und die entsprechenden Einrichtungen, Figuren und Waffen integriert. Das anliegende Video gibt euch einen guten Überblick über die Mod, so dass man sich am Besten davon überzeugen lässt. Downloaden könnt ihr A Clash of Kings unter diesem Link.

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

Reduced stumbling chance by 20%.
Reduced spear breaking chance by 10%.
The quest Bring Back Runaway Serfs should be a bit easier to do.
New female faces.
Couple new hair types.
A couple minor changes to male faces.
Unsullied use gloves.
Font fixed.
Pikes can no longer be used on horseback.
Added two categories of spears: Light, which can break, and heavy, which cannot.
Various flora changes, to make some of the battle maps less frustrating.
Morningstars now do piercing damage instead of blunt.
You can now re-dye all the starting factions.
A couple of battlemaps have been re-made.
The Padded Robes from Dragonstone now has the correct model.
Hooked Glaives can now be swung.
Plate Armors have been buffed slightly.
Tournament troops have had their skills and attributes somewhat changed.
Cairnhall is now closer to Weeping Tower.
Garrett Longley have been given a new armor piece.
Added Highgarden scene.
Updated some skill tooltips.
Fixed Sisterton tourney scene.
Dornish Spearmen have heavy spears.
Added Reynes Dragonstone Burgonet.
Few noblemen cloth texture changes.
A couple of changes to the world map.
Overhauled horses.
Made sure faction leaders have top-tier weapons.
Buffed Javelins, Throwing Spears and Jarids.
Tournaments have been made harder. Was too easy to farm for great rewards, renown and coin.
Various collision mesh fixes.
Updated some quest information to make them a bit easier to understand.
Added The Golden Tooth, Bitterbridge, Arbor, Ghost Hill, Starfall, Raventree Hall and Yronwood scenes, courtesy of LordCanute.
The random event about Baelors hair has been remade.
Couple of map party name changes.
Rusty swords can no longer gain the modifier „rusty“. To avoid items named Rusty Rusty Sword.
The Pentos garrison has been tweaked.
Various dialogue changes to the quest „Escort Scholars“.
Minor lords have been buffed a bit, should make their parties a bit tougher.
Companions will now update in taverns, switch around and re-appear after they’ve left your party.
Castle-Forged weapons are a bit less overpowered.
You can no longer recruit cheap Sellsword Javelinmen from village elders.


The Pyke battle scene no longer contains pyramids.
You should no longer be able to make the Miller’s Wife a vassal.
The Westerlands and Qohor are no longer at war.
Qohor now has the right faction arms.
Music should no longer play over other tracks when entering certain scenes, and end once the scene is exited.
There is no longer a light house stuck in the area between Ashford and Cider Hall.
Your men will no longer eat lumber.
Skill penalty has been turned OFF by default again.


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