Operation: Firestorm V. 02 Beta – Main Files + German + Patch 01

Eine wirklich wunderbare Erweiterung für Command & Conquer: Generals und das dazugehörige Addon Zero Hour ist die Operation: Firestorm – Modifikation, die nun in der zweiten Version bereitliegt.

Grundsätzlich werden die bekannten Generäle um neue Gebäude, Einheiten und Technologien ergänzt, aber auch dessen eigene Spezialisierungen abgeändert oder detaillierter ausgearbeitet. Im Detail geht die Mod natürlich noch deutlich weiter und bietet neben einer überarbeiteten KI, die deutlich herausfordernder ist, auch neue Sound- sowie Grafikeffekte an. Darüber hinaus bieten sowohl Einheiten als auch Gebäude tiefgreifende Tier-Stufen an, so dass beispielsweise auch deutlich bessere Verteidigungsgebäude existieren.

Operation: Firestorm fühlt sich fast wie ein neues Addon an und sollte von Fans unbedingt ausprobiert werden! Beachtet die Readme-Datei, damit eine problemlose Installation gewährleistet ist!


Main files for the Beta 02 Full Release Featuring China Secret Weapons General, new AI, new T3 defenses and lots of other new units, improved sounds and FX and much more. Read the description for more information.

C&C Generals – Zero Hour
——– BETA 02 ———–


1) Requirements

IMPORTANT: This is a full release, no previous version of OFS should be installed.
This install should overwrite all files from the previous release, but just to be safe, make sure all OFS files from Beta01 are removed before installing Beta02.

A clean C&C Generals Zero Hour installation Patched to 1.4
What does clean mean? – No other mods. To be sure your ZH folder folder
should not have an „Art“ subfolder and in „Data“ there should be no „INI“ folder.
And no file with the ending „.big“ that does not belong to default C&C:Generals ZH may be there.

If you want to keep your Zero Hour folder clean, you can make a copy and install the mod
there. You can have multiple ZH’s with different mods, I do this with all mods.

2) Add the mod files
Add all files from the archive into your Zero Hour folder (default or copied one).
It should look like this:

../Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour/!OFS_INI.big
../Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour/!OFS_ART.big
(and all other bigs)

It’s the correct folder when default .bigs and generals.exe are there.

3) Setup the UI files
Remove 1 of „!OFS_Window43.big“ or „!OFS_WindowWide.big“ depending if you have widescreen (16:9) or not (4:3).

4) Setup the language files
Copy either „!OFS_English.big“ or „!OFS_German.big“ into your folder, those are seperate downloads because of filesize.
(Russian language is not supported at this point)

NOTE: For other language versions see the Extra section at the bottom of this file.

5) Optional: Install the Map-Pack
Extract the content of the MapPack archive into your „…\Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps“ folder.

6) Optional: HD Controlbar mod
We recommend that you install the HD Controlbar mod from here (http://www.gentool.net/download/controlbar/) to get the default icons and UI textures to match with the higher res Icons in OFS.

7) Activate OFS
„OFS_Activate_mod.bat“ activates the mod and needs to be run once after installing so the script folder gets renamed
„OFS_Deactivate_mod.bat“ renames OFS files and reverts to a default Zero Hour game

Even if you copied to a new ZH folder you need to run the activation bat once (or manually rename the „Data/Scripts“ folder)

8) Run OFS
Run 1 of the START bats. They will start in 1280×1024 or 1920×1080 resolution. If you have another resolution copy one of the bats and edit it.
Change the -xres and -yres arguments to your resolution, you can also add
-win (starts the game windowed)

You can also just create a shortcut to generals.exe and put the commandline arguments there and set up the correct resolution in Options.ini in your Zero Hour Data folder.


If you have a different language version of the game than English or German (which means you will get „MISSING:xxx“ texts ingame and won’t hear any new unit voices) but still want to have English (or German) texts/speech, then you’ll have to manually edit the .big files:

Get FinalBIG (or some other .big editor), extract the files from !OFS_English.big (or German) to a temporary folder and rename all ‚English‘ (or German‘ folders to your language version.
You then need to pack the files back into a new .big file and put it in your game folder.
You might need to adjust the Activate/Deactive .bat files to use the correct filenames.

OFS Beta02 Changelog

Note: I’m afraid I haven’t really kept track of changes, so this list will probably not feature everything that is changed since Beta01.

Major Changes:
– China Secret Weapons General (Leang) is now playable

– The AI is remade and should work significantly better than before. There are still some issues on a few maps but it should be a lot more reliable. The new AI is also insanely hard, so I recommend you to play against Easy/Medium first.

– Unique T3 Defense structures added for all factions

– Tons of new FX, sounds, models, textures, etc.

– Fixed lots of bugs

– Rebalanced Damage of Bombers vs. ground units (they are now more designated Anti-Building units)

– Lots of balance changes to existing units

– New Bullet Tracer system gets rid of all the curving issues when units fire over cliffs

– New Tech Building: Secret War Factory, which gives access to a random (fully upgraded) unit out of 9 possible ones.

– New Tech ATGM Site and Pillbox mannable defenses

New Units and Upgrades for existing factions:
(Doesn’t include T3 defenses)
– All USA: Field Support Vehicle replacing Repair APC

– Airforce: New F-35 model (Thanks to Hunter)

– HighTech: Redesigned Orca Gunship

– HighTech: Remade Ion Cannon FX

– SOCOM: F35B VTOL Bomber

– SOCOM: New Speed Upgrade for Tanks

– RedArmy: Hellion attack Helicopter

– All China: Raider scout transport

– All China: Adv. Grenade Launcher upgrade for Raider

– Nuke: Desolator

– Nuke: Siege Helix

– Nuke: Uranium Bullets upgrade instead of Chainguns

– Nuke: Neutralizer tank replacing Gattling tank

– Nuke: Phoenix Bomber replacing Chimera

– Fortress: Guard tower upgrades for buildings

– Fortress: Ravager Tank


Operation:Firestorm Dev Team:

No Life Studios:
(Responsible for lots of additional resources, beta testing, designs, etc.)

Additional Asset Providers:
Cboidy – Particle Effects
ColT – Models
Coolfile – Models and W3D Importer
Creator – Models, Code
Fritz – Models and Textures
Ion Cannon – Particle Effects
IPS – Models and Textures
Mylo – Models
RequiemLux – Particle Effects
Sharpshark – Models
The_Hunter – Models, Textures, Code
TheHonestyFishZ – Models
Xezon – UI Textures

Special Thanks:
All the people who helped with beta testing, bugreports, suggestions, etc.
Staff & Community at:
-Fallout Studios
for Resources, Assistance and Tutorials

and to all the other great ZH mods for countless
hours of fun and lots of inspiration.

NOTE: If we forgot anyone on that list, send us a message on Moddb

Patch 01 for Beta 02 containing various bug fixes. Contains files for English and German versions. Beta 02 installation is required!


Put the ‚!!OFS_PATCH.big‘ file from your preferred language in your game directory where the mod is installed.

THIS IS A PATCH! OFS BETA 02 FULL VERSION IS REQUIRED! (Easy Install, or Main Files + Language files)

Changelog: Operation Firestorm Beta 02 Patch 01 (OFS 0.2.1)

– Fixed: Red Army General’s Gun Battery was invisible on night maps
– Nuke General’s Desolator is no longer crushable by regular vehicles
– King Raptor description now properly describes its role
– China Internet Center with Sat Hack 1 now reveal enemy CC when they are rebuilt after they have been destroyed.
– Fixed: Socom General’s Superweapon was not revealed through the fog of war.
– Fixed: Heroic and Elite Mammoth Tanks and Overlords didn’t self-repair.
– Fixed: Raider screamed like a technical on death
– Fixed wrong or missing English strings for Neutron Bomb, Tech Secret Factory, Raider and Coastal Bombardement
– Fixed: Tech ATGM Site and Pillbox defenses didn’t properly attack enemies
– Fixed: Airforce General’s King Raptor model error when damaged and stealthed
– Removed default intro videos

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