Oster Update ist online!

Gestern ging das Oster Update für Heroes & Generals online, über dieses wir schon eine ganze Zeit lang berichtet haben. Die wichtigsten Features sind dabei sicherlich die Integration der mechanisierten Aufklärer sowie einiger neuen Waffen für die Infanterie. Auch das Waffenbalancing wurde grundlegend angepasst und erfordert erst einmal ein wenig Übung. Die weiteren Änderungen könnt ihr zudem im unteren Changelog nachlesen und nun ab an die Front! 😉

New Features


Mechanized Recon – New AT and New Vehicles

new Assault Team makes its way onto the field of battle. Mechanized Recon – these recon ATs can not only help generals by spotting enemies from afar, but also deliver a considerable punch to lightly armored enemies in the action game. If you want to know more about the newly added SdKfz 222 & M8 Greyhound, take a look here.


New weapons

Fresh weapons! The Oster build also introduces the MG34 German light machine gun as well as the American M1918 Automatic Rifle. But that’s not all, the factory-fresh German Panzerschreck also makes an appearance on battlefields everywhere.


Updated weapon mods and tweaks

In addition to adding the above-mentioned new weapons, we have also gone through all the weapons and weapon mods, improving balancing between modded weapons and combat badges so everything now plays better, and fixing existing bugs. Ohh! And we’ve also given the hand grenades a boost so they are more effective and work much better in clearing rooms. You can read more about the updated weapons, mods & grenades here.


Hero Iteration

Another new exciting addition is a major update on how your character handles in the action game. This should give you a much better sense of where your character is in the environment as well as improving how the camera works, how aiming works and generally tightening the coupling between what you see and what the enemy sees on the screen. You can read more about the hero iteration here.

There is of course much more happening in the build, so continue reading for more details…


Minor stuff

Here is a list of some additional features in the Oster build.

  • Queueing – you can now queue for full missions and you can queue for missions your friends are playing in – read more here
  • Vehicle locks, vehicles now have owners – read more here
  • Updates to HUD & Stealing vehicles – read more here
  • Anti-Spawn Camp work on Skirmish maps – read more here
  • Supply Crates on autos – read more here
  • Easier switch to/from tanker/recon/pilot – read more here
  • Airfield Map tweaks – read more here
  • 100+ New battlefields in Europe
  • Drag and drop weapon loadout for your characters

Mobile Command

The Mobile Command app moves along on its own release cycle (when at all possible) so the current version is compatible with the Oster build when it goes live.

For a more detailed changelog take a look here: Changelog on the wiki or..

(Quelle: http://www.heroesandgenerals.com/)