PC DpFileList Generator V. 1.3

Der Name sagt es bereits schon: Mit diesem Tool könnt ihr eure eigene DpFileList für Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 generieren lassen. Wählt dazu einfach die entsprechenden cpk-Files aus, sortiert diese gegebenenfalls und fertig ist die File!

Current Version: 1.3 (updated on 16.12.2014)

– Generate automatically DpFileList.bin
– Select needed cpk-files
– Sort selected cpk-Files (if needed)

1) Choose your “download”-folder (or any folder that contains .cpk-files)
2) Select cpk-files which should be in the DpFileList.bin
3) Sort the selected cpk-files (if needed) via drag and drop
4) Generate DpFileList.bin (your current DpFileList.bin will be backed up (DpFileList.bin.BACKUP))

IMPORTANT: You need at least JRE 8, otherwise the application will not work (download JRE 8 from Oracle).

1. How is the sorting logic of the application?

At top of the generated DpFileList.bin the cpk file with the lowest priorty is arranged. Look at the following screenshot as an example.

PC DpFileList Generator
PC DpFileList Generator

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(Quelle: http://www.pes-patch.com/)