PES 16 RealGFX (PS4 Like Graphics) by Paras Jasal V. 1.0

Für Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 ist eine kleine Grafikmod erschienen, die die Darstellungsqualität der PC-Version an die der PlayStation 4 anpasst. Das Ergebnis dieser Veränderungen kann auf den anliegenden Screenshots nachvollzogen werden. Schön: Die Verbesserungen kosten kaum Performance!


After a long break and the success of AdvancedHD graphics v2 I am back with my new Reshade mod named RealGFX. It includes-
1) FXAA Antialised ( so that there is less performance loss)
3)Dynamic Sharpening technique
4) Brightness and colors of shadows, midtones and highlights adjusted
5)A bit of Vibrance added
6) New custom tonemapping for the perfect colors
7)Skin looks super realistic
8) Little Performance Loss

My aim with this was to get the closest look to PS4 along with taking care that there is less performance loss. I am having little lag with this on a GT720 Nvidia @1024 * 768 resolution.

[Download nicht gefunden.]