PES 2014 File Loader V.

Vom PES 2014 File Loader ist nun ein kleines Update erschienen, welches unter anderem einige Bugs entfernt, das Tool schneller arbeiten lässt und die Unterstützung für nVidia’s CUDA – Engine integriert.

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 Change log version : full version

  • Updated plugin :
    • Speeder.dll
      • Speed module now works on lastest patch
    • Kitloader.dll
      • New addition option to use Nvidia CUDA for speed-up kit loading
    • Apkloader.dll :
      • Improve speed : loading edited apk file is about 10% faster
    • Gameplay.dll :
      • Updated some values fit with lastest game version
      • Gameplay slider works properly now
      • Fixed some bugs
    • Faceloader.dll :
      • Fixed bug when using with DLC 3.00
Available plugin : 
  • APKloader : allow to use modified texture in APK crypted file
  • KitLoader.dll : Manage kits with GDB system, supports PNG kit
  • FaceLoader.dll : Assign face & hair for player, manage with GDB system, support custom skin texture
  • Lodmixer.dll : Misc visual tweaks, change screen resolution, enforce picture quality…
  • SongLoader.dll : Allow to add & playback hca file ingame
  • VideoLoader.dll : Addition feature for fileloader can load video file (.usm)
  • Gameplay.dll : Included many options & slider allow to adjust gameplay’s values with opinion
  • Speeder.dll : Increase or decrease gameplay speed, improve performance, fix some system’s bugs
How to enable Nvidia CUDA acceleration (for Nvidia graphic card only)
Add these line to „GDBunimap.txt“

[setting]Nvidia.Cuda = 1

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