PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2014 V.

Das PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2014, welches das ausführliche Bearbeiten von Spielern ermöglicht, ist vor kurzem in der Version veröffentlicht worden. Neben einigen Bugs, die gefixt wurden, ist das Tool nun auch mit dem Update 1.06 sowie DLC 3.0 kompatibel.

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******  PRO-EVO EDITING STUDIO 2014  ******


Version : beta „RIP Grandma Edition“ (30/12/2013)
– Improve memory use.
– Fix Problem with save and encrypt OF (Update cabry’s dll).
– Fix Problem with save editor preferences.
– Add Support for DLC 3.00 and Game version 1.06.
– Add Countries form (Read only).

Teams Form:
– Add Edit Stadium ID manually.

Players Form:
– Improve Import from PES 2013 player function.
– Add function to „Load Players Appearance and Accessories“ in Tool menu.

FIFA 14 Stats Converter form:
– Fix Nationality Import.

Version : beta (18/12/2013)
Players Form:
– Fix Problem with Save Accessories.

Version : beta „Christmas Edition“ (18/12/2013)
– Fix problem with length of Option File.
– Add Support for DLC 2.00.
– Add FIFA 14 stats converter.
– Add PES 2013 Import OF2 (with stats converter).
– Update Nationalities with Dominican Republic in DLC 2.00.
– Improve Update System.

Leagues Form:
– Fix Problem with Random Ball.

Teams Form:
– Fix problem with Shorthand Teams Names save.
– Improve Drag and Drop in Formation Listview.
– Improve Remove Fake Teams Names function.

Players Form:
– Fix CMF player position bug.
– Fix Overall Ratings Formulas (Thx pescato and Fernando87).
– Update Abilities and Skills description.
– Add Combinated Ablities Formulas (Thx pescato).
– Add Support for Editing Accessories.
– Add Import All Players in .csv file.
– Add Import Player from .player13 file (only basics and stats datas – Appearance is not supported).
– Add Paste Player from FIFA 14 Converter (Still in beta – GK are not well converted).
– Add Paste Player from PES 2013 Converter (only basics and stats datas – Appearance and Accessoriesare not not supported).
– Add Create New Edited Player (Only Add Edited player from ID 1048576).

Transfers Form:
– Fix Remove Player From Team bug.
– Improve and Fix „Right Click“ functions avalaible in Lists Team 1 and 2.

Global Editing Form:
– Fix Global Stats Editing bug.
– Fix Global Players Renaming bug.
– Fix Global Teams Renaming bug.
– Add Global Editing for Teams (1 to 20 teams styles sliders).

Konami PES DB Form:
– Update Players DB with DLC 2.00.

Version : beta (28/10/2013)
– First public release

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